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Saturday 17 May 2008
Saturday -  more sailing:

Sailing the NorSea 27

I'll write more when I'm rested up. Two long days (but great!) after a week of long days...

Video #1, Friday May 16th
Video #2, Friday May 16th
Video #1, Saturday May 17th
Video #2, Saturday May 17th

Friday 16 May 2008

Friday - I went sailing. I didn't quite make it to Anacapa - I left too late, but stooged around in the Santa Barbara Channel. Almost eight hours - my room is still gently rocking.

More tomorrow, it's bedtime now, I'm beat. 

Well, a couple more things.

Good sailing weather, perhaps 10mph wind, out of the north with very small swells.

The M.V. flies on a slight downwind reach - 6.5mph according to the GPS. There may be some current in that, but not much, I was near shore heading home. Upwind we were looking at 2.5-3mpg.

 M.V. is much steadier downwind than 'The Pig' (or as my brother has renamed her, 'Heavy Weather'). Full keels have some advantages over fin and spade. When tacking the jib sheets kept hanging up on the shrouds - the knots attaching the sheet to the roller jib are just too big. I imagine my tacks looked pretty awful from afar.

And some sort of self steering would be nice - it keeps you busy, single handing a boat. Yes, I've the Monitor self steering stuff, but it's going to be a big job to put that on the boat.

I also need to put my great color GPS into the boat. I've been holding off, because I wanted to rewire the electrical system, but there isn't any reason that the GPS can't be first :-)

Thursday 15 May 2008

Thursday - you can find all sorts of things in flood control channels. Bicycles, lot's of them. Baseballs, soccer balls, old trailers, dead animals, cars, graffiti, voodoo sacrifices. Today we found an electric organ:

dumped electric organ

I have tomorrow off. No one is available to work with me, and the channels I have maps for are two man jobs - inches of water, mud, muck. What to do, what to do?

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Wednesday - another day. I am tempted to stay the weekend 'down below' and go see the Chino Air Show. On the other hand, Chino is,  after Yahoo mapping it, 105 miles away. I am very tired of driving, so probably not. Perhaps I can talk my brother into driving.

Tuesday 13_May 2008

Tuesday - a day in a fairly unpleasant drain. Chain work in six inches of running water, moss and muck. Also a new guy to train up. Let's see: that makes...eight or nine different guys in six months. Oh well, it isn't all that hard, and the new guy picked it up quickly. But the county has him doing something else tomorrow morning, so it'll be a short day for me. Not that I really mind getting up late and having a leisurely cup of coffee and a bagel whilst blogging - but it doesn't pay the bills.

Still inspecting down near the airport. A B-24, in what appeared to be WW-II colors, went over at about 500 feet , shaking the ground. A bit a later a P-51 Mustang went by. I heard on the radio that the Chino Planes of Fame Air Show is next week, the crews are probably performing check flights and such before heading there. I used to visit Chino when I lived and worked over that way. The aircraft are wonderful, but I really loved walking through the boneyard and looking at all the bits and pieces, ribs, stringers, mostly and partially disassembled aircraft. Maybe that's an engineer thing. I went to a couple air shows, they were very good shows.

In the evening there was a going away dinner for an inspector. The job he is on is winding down (Matilija Dam), and he's off to flight school, ATP  in Jacksonville Florida, starting in June. I envy him - it's good to pursue your dreams. Being a civilian entering the world of pilot's can be tough, but apparently there is a huge demand right now - the war has sucked a lot of reserve pilots out of the airline market, positions are opening up. Good luck, Brian!

 Monday 12_May 2008

Monday - left the house on time, arrived on time, did a days work. Not much to say about that. We're down near Camarillo airport - I saw a DC-3 go over on Friday, which was pretty cool. I've never seen one in the air before.

They are predicting warm weather for SoCal, in the 90's possibly. We'll see. It was gray today, cool and foggy, the ground damp with a heavy dew in the morning.

Sunday_11_May 2008

Sunday -  lessee, what did I do? A bit more work around the yard, filled the hummingbird feeder. Haircut. Gassed up the Probe. I know I was busy, but...

I did want to pick up some flowers for the front flower bed, but the lines at Lowe's, and by extension at Home Depot, dissuaded me. Maybe next week.

My roses in the front yard, great bunches of red velvet, look spectacular. I should trim them so as to get more, but forgot. Maybe next week.

The new plan is: for every run-of-the-mill maintenance item on the house, an improvement as well. However small.

I did finish Book #19, Over on the Dry Side, by Louis L'amour. I've had this old paperback for months, slowly paging my way through it. It's a Chantry novel, a series similar to the Sacketts', but the Chantrie's are kind of highbrow. A fellow at the office down in Ventura had loaned it to me, after picking it up for free somewhere. To tell the truth, I found it wanting - kind of repetitious, unlikely and boring, all at the same time.

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Beardsley Wash
Photo Notes: Beardsley Wash, near Saticoy, Ca.

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