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WEEK 19 2012

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Saturday 11 May2012
Saturday - Back in Lancaster. Pretty tired.

Friday 10 May 2012
Friday - OTR. The noise from the restaurant across the way in Channel Islands Harbor was deafening in the evening. Concert level sound. I'm pretty sure you need a permit for that kind of stuff. I should have called the police, instead I just put earplugs in and went to sleep.

Thursday 9 May 2012

Thursday - Working, OTR.

Wednesday 9 May 2012

Wednesday  - Working, OTR.

Here's a cellphone pic of the "Supermoon" from the other day. There was a high tide that day, highest I've seen at CI, but I'm told that it's just a coincidence, that the "supermoon" doesn't produce any bigger tides than normal.

"Supermoon" over Channel Islands Harbor.

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Tuesday - Working. On the road still.

Monday 7 May 2012

Monday - Still working. It's HOT in some places, despite the marine layer in Oxnard!

Sunday 6 May 2012

Sunday - On the road, down in Ventura.

We are starting off the project by locating access points for the channels accurately enough to orient the old "as-built" drawings from the country, so that the draftsman can clean them up for the new project. Mostly this involves just walking around, locating inlets and outlets, and manholes, and getting an accurate GPS location for them. Which can be rather frightening if the manhole is in the middle of a street - Ventura County drivers are at least as insane as Los Angeles drivers.

I'm using a 10 minute integration, which usually results in a coordinate with a CEP rather smaller than an actual manhole. Of course we can't always find the manholes - the drawings are old, channels have been modified, streets changed, and so on. Maybe 85% of the stuff is easy, the rest takes hours...

The boat seems OK. I always mean to do maintenance in my "spare" time down here, but it's always so limited that not much gets done. But I do need to get her hauled out, the zincs replaced, and the bottom painted. All of which takes $$ that are in short supply :-(

Picture of the Week
Zoo in San Diego
Photo Notes: Bird in San Diego's Zoo.

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