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WEEK 20 2012

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Saturday 19 May2012
Saturday - OTR, working. Weekends don't mean much to the self-employed.

Friday 18 May 2012
Friday - OTR, working. The noise from the restaurant across the way in Channel Islands Harbor was absent. I was dreading this weekend's racket, but it was OK.

Thursday 17 May 2012

Thursday - Working, OTR. Crouching and crawling through dank tunnels in only somewhat waterproof boots get old after a while...

Book #49 was Tricked (The Iron Druid Chronicles Book 4), by Kevin Hearn. Light and amusing.

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Wednesday  - Working. This was an all day job, crawling up a 36" RCP drain, nearly 300', to see if it was the source of a subsidence reported by a homeowner. It wasn't, as far as we could tell, being clean, with good joints and no sign of earth or water infiltration.

I've read several books in the last week or two, but have been away from the computer and haven't listed them.

Book #48 was The Chequer Board, by Nevil Shute. It's an odd story, a veteran of WW2, ten years after the war, discovers he is dying from embedded shrapnel in his brain, inoperably deep. He one by one looks up the fellow inmates of a hospital ward that he was in - all but one being military prisoners of different ranks and races. It's well done, though it does exhibit the mild anti-Americanism that Shute often displayed.

This was my father's copy, the William Morrow 1947 printing - though he must have got it used, as "Wilma Steuble April 1947" is inscribed inside the cover.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Tuesday - Working on that rose bed out in front. Another 26 bags of 'Extra Large River Rock', all that the local Home Depot had. I guess they just get one pallet at a time of this, though I can see multiple pallets of other sizes. Or maybe it is just popular - despite the "extra large" description it is generally smaller than an hardball, though bigger than a golf ball. It would have been cheaper just to get a skip load from a local landscape business, but the bag label misled me on the coverage, and I didn't want to change rock suppliers in the middle of the job.

I also picked up fifty paver's, for around the faucet, and make a wooden box for a friend, to help her make jerky in her solar cooker, and did several loads of laundry.

I finally ran out of time at 10:00pm, and called it a day. I'll have to pick up all the household chores when I get home in a week or so.

The bossman called, we have an emergency inspection job for the county tomorrow, so I'm driving down and meeting him at a job site. Then, despite previous plans, we'll probably do more I&I for the underground jobs, since I'm already down there and we are behind on the task.

Monday 14 May 2012

Monday - Still tired, but getting some work done around the house, finally.

Sunday 13 May 2012

Sunday - Pretty darn tired.

Not much going on here.

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Zoo in San Diego
Photo Notes: Bird in San Diego's Zoo.

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