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WEEK 20 2010

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Saturday 22 May 2010
Saturday - shopping (a new vacuum), a few chores, a haircut, a little thinking about next weeks work - scripts for Excel and some Access database work, and some research into the customers existing database(s).

Friday 21 May 2010
Friday - home at last. Very tired though. The cats were ecstatic about my return. I feel bad that I have to leave in a couple of days for Ventura.

Thursday 20 May 2010

Thursday - I put in about six hours more at the house, then headed south, much later than I'd hoped. I hit the easterly traffic crush out of the South Bay area on the 580, and it took a good hour to go from the 680 to the I-5. Very tiring drive, but it was good to get home.

I was trying to get a handle on the plumbing, but it's difficult, crawling about under the house in the dirt, among spiderwebs, over old glass, rusty pipes, wood with nails, various bits of sharp bric-a-brac.

What I did discover is that there is no water shutoff valve at the meter! It looks like a newer meter, down at a new section of fresher concrete in the sidewalk. Our neighbors on either side have shutoff valves - we don't. I couldn't find one at corner of the house where I remember there being one, thirty years ago, so I asked my brother to ask the water company to install a valve at the meter, as they should have (and where, exactly, was the city inspector, when the new meter was installed?).

The plumbing and water lines run all through and along the walls we need to tear down to do foundation work, but until we can get the water shutoff I can't do much down there. 

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Wednesday - working on the house - mostly gardening stuff in the front yard. I don't like the place to look derelict, so I finished weeding, added a few more solar lights, things like that. About eight hours of work. Too tired to blog in the evening....

My other brother had painted the den while Bob and I were in Florida. He used Kilz, which has a good reputation, but is still latex based. I think I'd have continued with the Zinsser Bin (shellac), but I don't know if we want to do another coat in there.

I found a mullioned window, free, on Craigslist, but called too late. It was 48" high by 96" wide, which is a big window for an 11' wall. Still, I'm looking for things to make prospective renters/buyers forget the fact that it's a 90 year old house.

<sour grapes> It was way over in Pacifica, and was probably too big to fit in the back of the Explorer anyway! </sour grapes>

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Tuesday - on Southwest Airlines, back to Oakland. A decent enough flight. There was a two hour layover is Austin, no big deal. We got up at 4am, Florida time, and arrived about 5pm, Oakland time. It was a long day.

Monday 17 May 2010

Monday - not much happening. We checked out of a hotel in Titusville, late, and checked into one near the Orlando airport, MCO, in early afternoon. After that we both just sort of crashed in the hotel room. There was a huge thunderstorm going on, which was interesting to watch from a high rise building. Nice that it held off until we were too tired to go anywhere!

Sunday 16 May_2010

Sunday - Most of the day was spent at Kennedy. We took the tour, saw Pads 39-a and 39-b, a transporter (close up), the Space Station center, and the Saturn V center, the various little museums at the visitor center, an IMAX movie - lots of stuff. Fascinating. Beautiful weather, neat things to see. Very enjoyable - it took us all day to see this.

Walking across a pedestrian bridge to the Space Station Processing Center we were passed by a two foot tall human missile. Behind us we could hear a concerned maternal voice:

"Elian, Elian, wait, stop!"

The reply was swift and unambiguous-

"No, NO! Zoom, ZOOM!"

And off he went, damn the torpedoes,  full steam ahead.

It still makes me smile.

Picture of the Week

Buzzard soaring over Martinez

Photo Notes: Buzzard slope soaring, Martinez.

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