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WEEK 22 2016

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Saturday 28 May  2016
Saturday - Not much going on. Warm again.

I did fiddle with Knoppix and Puppy Linux, trying to mount a failed XP drive to get a friends data off.  I did succeed with Puppy, though I had to restart the graphical window manager to get text to appear.

For future reference, it was fairly straightforward to exit X windows and restart:
  1. to stop: CTRL+ATL+BACKSPACE
  2. to restart: startX icewm at a terminal prompt.
Then I copied over all of Documents&Settings from the hard drive ( /sdb1 oddly enough) to a USB drive, deleted system files that Windows mixed in with user files, and copied over a few other files that weren't under D&S.  All in all about 50GB of saved data, which fits easily onto a flash drive these days. It's too bad I couldn't burn it on an optical media disk of some kind, because one is a lot less likely to re-purpose those...

Lunch was at a local Japanese place, the second time we've been there. It was quite tasty with decent sized portions.

Dinner and movies at my friends.  First up was "Creed", which we watched for about an hour, then, bored, stopped. Then we watched "Minions" which was a bit better, but still kind of a yawner.

I went home a bit after eleven pm, and discovered someone was having a huge party near my house. It had spilled outside, and the street was filled with dozens of youths, who had no intention of moving out of the way of a car to let it pass. It probably took me five or ten minutes to thread my way a block to my own house. It was so noisy I ended up sleeping on the couch in the family room, quietest room in the house, until 3am.

27 May 2016
Friday - Hot. In the 90's at the house. I went and bought some new swamp cooler pads, and a new brass sill cock fitting, since the old on leaks.  Took everything apart, oiled the bearings, tightened things up on the feed, and it worked very well. Even with relatively high humidity the air coming into the house was in the 60's.

I think I'll weld up some steel fittings for the window air conditioners this year. I'm tired of messing about with wood, though I saved all the pieces from last year.

I did a bit of work on the app, but my brain really wasn't functioning well, so kind of a no progress day.

Thursday 26 May 2016
Thursday - Warmer yet. Pushing the mid-80's officially, actually a bit higher at the house.

I put off the foot surgery until next week, I'll have to head down and oversee the Contractor for the repair work, which is more extensive that I thought.

Other than that, just working on the app. I had a mental breakthrough, a way to make things easier, but it means re-writing a lot of code, which I don't really want to do at this point.

Wednesday 25 May 2016

Wednesday - Warmer.

I finally went to the clinic and made an appointment to get the infection on my left foot excised. It's small right now, but I know from experience that walking on it will cause it to inflame and get very painful. So, Friday they cut....

Mildly amusing story: when they checked my blood pressure today it was fine. But Tuesday, when I was in for a biopsy, it was through the roof... I would state that consciously I  didn't feel terrified, but obviously my subconscious felt otherwise.

The District video inspection is proceeding on the work done, and they've already found some issues. They'll probably have to come out and fix them

Tuesday 24 May 2016
Tuesday - Cool and windy again, as predicted.

A quick doctors visit in the morning, then back to work on the app.

Monday 23 May  2016
Monday - Cool and windy. It's supposed to be like this all week.

Not much going on. Working on the app.

Sunday 22 May  2016
Sunday - Calm and warm in the morning, some wind in the afternoon.

I some shopping in the morning and minor chores, laundry and dishes. Picked up some Sevin at Home Depot. Quite a crowd there...

I have two spots left in the planter still. I need to get something for them. I was going to get something at Home Depot but decided to see if I need to replace the bug eaten peppers and tomato's first.

I got a call from my friends that one of them had been in a accident, early afternoon.

Some lady ran a red light and hit her. Everybody was OK, but naturally shaken up and a bit dazed.

That sucks, but thankfully they were in a Volvo and suffered no serious injury. Now the trick is to get the insurance companies (everybody was insured) to cough up the dough to make things right again.

The bank is supposed to send me a new credit card, with a chip. It still hasn't arrived, though they apparently plan to deactivate the old one at the end of the month. Annoying.

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grand canyon
The Grand Canyon with sun shining in from the east under the clouds, in the morning.

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