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WEEK 21 2016

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Saturday 21 May  2016
Saturday -Went to yard sales with friends (picked up a rug), did a bunch of chores around the house.

I also went by Costco and had the tires rotated and balanced on the Explorer, it's very smooth on the freeway now. We went down to Mahli's in Palmdale for lunch, so I had a chance to try it out. Massive amounts of traffic on the roads for some reason though.

I need to go get some poison for the vegetable beds - something is gnawing at my pepper plants. I don't like poisons, but...

20 May 2016
Friday - Warmer than yesterday.

Glen stopped by and the planter is about done. I need to go get some mortar for the foundation near the wall, then we can backfill with earth and I can think about how to landscape it.

Worked on the app, got a lot done.

Thursday 19 May 2016
Thursday - Blustery and cold!

Not much to say, worked away in the office all day.

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Wednesday - Weather very much like Tuesday, but warm, almost 95F.

Worked on the app all day, 8+ hours, making some forward progress, or at least clearing the way for future forward progress....

Tuesday 17 May 2016
Tuesday - Nice weather, warm but with afternoon clouds. It even sprinkled a minute amount.

The contractor was retained to do a couple of final bits of work. So another day or two for him and some more money. A bit of work by me in (long distance) documentation of pay quantities and the like.

Glen has been working on the planter between classes and its nearly done. A bit more to do. His dad lent me a couple of jack-stands and we have the Probe up off it's tires. It only took me a year to get around to that... I try to leave him alone, but it's not natural for me to see someone working and not join in. But my hands have only a limited endurance right now, so I have to restrain myself. And he deserves the sense of accomplishment he'll get from doing this mostly on his own....

Working on the app, about 6 hours. Trying to clean up the mass of spaghetti code that updates the prompt images & text, it's gotten too unwieldy in view of the numerous changes S wants. Not quite a state engine, but better than it was.

Monday 16 May  2016
Monday - A little bit of work on this and that.  Still taking it easy with stuff. The Contractor hasn't finished, probably tomorrow. Sigh.

It occurs to me that I forgot a couple of books read. In the late evenings on the boat I'd read on the Kindle or iPad, but forgot to record it since the updates were generally at the end of the week. No big deal.

Book #23 would be Somewhither: A Tale of the Unwithering Realm (#1), by John C. Wright.  This was well done, Christian fantasy essentially.

Book #24 was Iron Chamber of Memory, by John C. Wright.  I like Wright's stuff, normally, but this didn't live up to my expectations. Christian fantasy again, but just not as interesting to me.

Book #25 was Rosario & Vampire #2. Fantasy (manga), but Japanese and definitely not Christian (though the Rosario & other elements are)! Silly stuff, but it helps me to relax some nights.

Sunday 15 May  2016
Sunday - Calm and warm in the morning, some wind in the afternoon.

I just did various small things, bills, minor chores. Mostly letting the hands get better.

I have two spots left in the planter still. I need to get something for them.

I played around a bit with the Kindle Paperwhite. It's OK, though the controls and layout are so busy and commercial compared to the old Kindle Keyboard 3g.  I did not pay for the 3G this time, I rarely need to access anything remotely and I can certainly use the phone to download if I have to.

The cats are pretty needy still.  Riley is gone and I guess that makes a difference, though they are two years old now.

Picture of the Week

Old moon rising over marina
A nice view of the old Moon rising over the marina in the morning.

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