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WEEK 24 2016

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Saturday 11 June 2016
Saturday - In Martinez. We drove over to Richmond - it's been years since I was there - and took a guided tour of the SS Red Oak Victory. Pretty neat. I'd always assumed the worst from her previous external appearance, but apparently the mothballing process did a very good job on the interior.

They put her in drydock a year or two ago for some long overdue maintenance (she has been in mothballs since the Vietnam War) and did a good paint job as well.

It's a slow process, but they are proceeding towards making her sea worthy to the Coast Guard's satisfaction, and then will do various trips.

10 June 2016
Friday - In Martinez. Hanging out with Bob at the old Grandview house. He's been working in the front and the yard looks pretty good. But the house needs some TLC. Particularly if we have to sell.

Thursday 9 June 2016
Thursday - Up to Martinez, cadging a ride with friends. Lots of traffic, but since R is constitutionally unable to surrender the wheel I didn't do any driving... Just as well, I was pretty tired.

Arrived late afternoon and had a couple beers and watched ice hockey with Bob. And the Sharks won - apparently I'm good luck.

Wednesday 8 June 2016

Wednesday - OTR.

I had another inspector cover for me and left in early afternoon for Lancaster.

Tuesday 7 June 2016
Tuesday - OTR.

Monday 6 June  2016
Monday - OTR.

Not much to say. Work is proceeding. Weather is decent.

Sunday 5 June  2016
Sunday - Working away on various chores, but carefully, trying not to overdo things.

It looks like I'll be down to Saticoy for a couple of days at least, while the Contractor does a bit more work. I'm off to Martinez on Thursday, so I'll have to get someone to cover for me if things run long.

I talked to my friends about the accident, the insurance company is being evil, so I'll have to switch in the near future.

Not much else going on. I did go to the library earlier in the week, wanting to get a VbScript text for reference - and they were all gone from the shelves. I then checked the catalog: nothing. I'd assumed someone had checked out the local copies, but apparently they got rid of them throughout the library system. Wow. It's a bit dated - Microsoft is pushing "Powershell", but perfectly usable.

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channel island sun through clouds
The sun shining through clouds at Channel Islands harbor.

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