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WEEK 25 2016

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Saturday 18 June 2016
Saturday - Very hot, about 100F. Glen came over again and we installed the little mechanical a/c unit in the dining room. Even with things labeled and pictures from last year it took all morning!

We then netted my peach tree, and Sheryl's, then had lunch (brisket!) at Dickie's.

Then I took him home, it was too hot to work any more and I was pretty tired.

The neighbor across the street was playing his music loud again. Loud enough to be heard through my closed doors and windows, over my running air conditioner and the game on TV. I believe it was something to do with "crack ho's". Great.

Time to move.
Friday 17 June 2016
Friday - Hot, but bearable.

Glen came over and we finished the little planter, over Riley's grave. It's good to get it done, finally. It needs plants and such, but the structure and soil is in.

I tried not to do any heavy lifting or moving, but it's hard not to pick up tools and go at at it.

It's also nice to get the patio back - it's where I've been keeping the tools and such, and also a giant pile of dirt that was left over from tomato bed rehabilitation, that was meant for the new planter and which I didn't want to move twice.

I talked to a neighbor who recently put up a For Sale sign. It turns out it's already sold, a smaller house than mine, for $5k more than he was asking. I think it's time I did the same.

Thursday 16 June 2016
Thursday - Starting to get hot.

I was pretty beat, and my back hurt, so didn't do much.

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Wednesday - I did some yard work in the morning, then essentially passed out on the couch in the afternoon. Still pretty tired.

Tuesday 14 June 2016
Tuesday - Household chores, bills, quarterly taxes. Sigh.

Monday 13 June  2016
Monday - Too tired to move.

Sunday 12 June  2016
Sunday - I took BART into San Francisco to meet up with my friends. The line now is non-stop from the North Concord/Martinez station, one needn't transfer at Rockridge Station to get across the bay. Indeed the line now goes all the way past SFO down to Milpitas somewhere. The cars are a bit dingy and beat up from what I remember from 30 years ago, but work well enough.

My friends daughter has a rent controlled apartment there. At one time she had a number of roommates, but as time passed they left and her financial circumstances improved, so now she has it to herself and has made it into a nice home.

We had a nice lunch, a little photo session in a nearby park, then S and I headed back south. R & K are flying to Ohio tomorrow to visit with family.

We had a pretty good trip back. There was a moderate amount of traffic, but so it goes. The state is too busy spending money on the "Railroad to Nowhere" to have any available for a desperately needed third lane on the I-5 corridor. There is a semi-truck every eighth of a mile or so, so it's really one lane, with the excitable people passing on the right in between trucks, because the average of 80mph is just too slow for them....

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red oak victory looking forward
The forward starboard deck of the SS Red Oak Victory.

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