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WEEK 26 2016

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Saturday 25 June 2016
Saturday - Yard sales in the morning, then lunch at the Mahli's down in Palmdale.  They'd changed their menu - S said it's more "shelf storable" ingredients, which doesn't bode well for things...

Did a bit of app work in the afternoon, but not much.

Watched the new Stars Wars movie. Mehhh.
Friday 24 June 2016
Friday - Hot.

I took the Explorer over to Scott's for an oil change, doing the car shuffle with S, who also had her car in for an oil change. They noted some damage - one of the shocks is bad, so I'll need to get that replaced soon. Next week I have stuff going on in Ventura, the following week I'm at the coast, and so on.

Swung by the library, picked up a few dead tree books for the coast trip.

Worked on the app in the afternoon.

Thursday 23 June 2016
Thursday - hot.

Not much to say, grinding away on the app.

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Wednesday - Hot again. I hand watered a few dry spots on the front lawn, but other than that didn't do much outside.

Worked on the app a full day, grinding through the various updates and bugs for all the new levels. Not much to say there. I wish I'd done a lot of things differently back then, but hindsight is 20:20, I did the best I could at the time.

Tuesday 21 June 2016
Tuesday - Hot. Ran the a/c from noon until 6am Wednesday....

kwjf temps for june 2016
Recorded William J. Fox Field temperatures.

The archive page says 112F on Monday, and 109F on Tuesday, out at the airport. So my patio thermometer wasn't too far off I guess.

Not much going on. Worked on the app, getting the new levels & prompts going. Kind of a grind, but that's the biz. It was too warm in my office to work after about 4:30pm.

The marina called, they are going to rebuild my dock and slip and need me to move the boat to a temporary slip before the 4th. I'll go down next week and figure something out.

My brother B is on a train trip across the US, to visit Washington D.C.. He texted me from Union Station in Chicago, where he was waiting for a train change. He says that Amtrack treats sleeping car passenger's pretty well, and even has a lounge for them at the station.

Monday 20 June  2016
Monday - Beastly hot. Officially it was 109F (out at the airport I assume):

lancaster 109f

Here in town, even hotter:

Lancaster Patio at 117F
It was probably 114F or 115F, not 118F, but still hot.
The humidity was very low, 7%. and so the swamp cooler worked very well.

I did some minor chores in the morning, some watering, then worked on the app for most of the day.

Because of some added new levels I had to change the way I check answers for correctness. I ended up generating a NSDictionary with NSMutableArray elements containing acceptable answers for each prompt. It seems to work pretty well, though there are still a few bugs in the between-hand initialization that I need to work out.

Sunday 19 June  2016
Sunday - I did a little hand watering of the front yard, things are kind of sun burnt right now.

Then some shopping at Winco and the 99-Cent store

I was invited over to a friends for dinner and Game 7 of the NBA finals.  Sadly the Warriors choked and lost. I would say that they seemed the better team in the first half, but they came out flat in the second and the Cavalier's took advantage.

I'd texted my sister "Happy Birthday" earlier, and it turns out she was watching the game as well. She's in the bay area, and she said it'll be sad at the office tomorrow.

One chore this weekend is heat proofing things, putting the reflective foam panels in the south and west windows. It was about 105F today, and it's supposed to be as hot or hotter for the rest of the week.

Picture of the Week

Channel Island palm trees in fog.
The fog and palms at Channel Islands a couple of weeks ago.

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