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WEEK 27 2016

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Saturday 2 July 2016
Saturday - On the road, late morning, off to Cayucos for the week.

Friday 1 July 2016
Friday - Fussing about, getting ready for the trip.

As the years have passed my packing has become lighter.  The rentals all have washers and dryers, so just a few days clothes.  I have a Kindle, I don't need a lot of books...

Thursday 30 June 2016
Thursday - OTR.

Did some small work items, dropped off a work laptop, and so on. Met with a client about so bugs, but it looks to have been some sort of weird data input error, they'd used a forward slash in a client project and that caused errors. It seemed OK now, so they are just going to keep an eye on things and let me know if it re-occurs.

I borrowed a push broom with long handle from the marina and scraped off some of the grass on the bottom, but there was still no water throughput.

The marina, after some delays, found a boat owner with a dingy willing to move my boat. It wasn't far, I could probably have motored there (maybe 150') with a cold diesel and been OK, but why risk it?  Then I assisted in moving another boat, whose owner is out of the country.

A little before 1pm we were done and I headed north. Lots of traffic, pre-Fourth-of-July.

Very tired, from just a little bit of manual labor - I had to stop and nap for 20 minutes at Carl's in Fillmore (actually in the market parking lot down the street, where there is shade).

Back in Palmdale about 3:30pm, when I stopped at Trader Joe's and picked up some likker. 

Home a bit before 5pm.  Cats look fat and sassy, the house was cool enough, 79F, for them, though I turned stuff up for myself....

Wednesday 29 June 2016

Wednesday - OTR.

Down to Saticoy for the final inspection in the morning. That went well. 

Then a bunch of office work that needed to be finished up, signatures and such, and looking at as-builts for the final CO stuff.

Down at the boat about 6pm, and the office was long closed.

My diesel started right up, but there was no cooling water coming out. I check the inlet valve and the inlet strainer and they are unblocked, so I may have lost the impeller. They are easy to replace, if you know where the spare is....

Tuesday 28 June 2016
Tuesday - Hot.

Working away on the app, not much to say about that.

Monday 27 June  2016
Monday - Very hot.  Then hot and humid in the afternoon, with the humidity going from 10% to 20% in a couple of hours. Yuck.

Working on the app.  Getting the levels straightened out finally. Still a lot to be done.

I talked to the marina.  If the boat won't start they can give me a tow to a new temporary berth. They said the dock should be completely rebuilt in two weeks - essentially it's mostly prefabricated elements towed into place and bolted together. There's a contractor, Bellingham, that does it.

Sunday 26 June  2016
Sunday - I did a little hand watering of the front yard, trying to keep the dry spots from spreading.

Shopping with S at Winco and the 99-Cent store, mostly for coast trip stuff.

I tried to do a little work in the yard midday, and just about had heatstroke.

I ordered a new brush for the new vacuum from Amazon, and some pens that I like.  I've only had the vacuum six months or so, so it's a rip off, but a brush is cheaper than a new vacuum...

Picture of the Week

Channel Island palm trees in fog.
The fog and palms at Channel Islands a couple of weeks ago.

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