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WEEK 27 2014

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Saturday 5 July 2014
Saturday - At the beach.

Not much going on - I think everyone was kind of wiped out from yesterday. Tim & family were headed out, but stopped by for a bit in the morning before heading out.

Dinner was catch-as-catch-can, and most of us just started cleaning and picking up in preparation for leaving on Sunday. Ten AM comes a lot quicker than you'd think!

Friday 4 July 2014
Friday - At the beach.  Happy Fourth of July!

I helped watch the dogs along the beach, and we checked to see if the floats were setting up in the usual place on the way back (they were).

My friend Tim and his family, and Roger in his pirate costume made it to the parade on time (10am start). I, on the other hand, stayed behind to "herd cats" in that general direction...and missed the whole thing. Ah well, it sounds like the usual line up. Somehow I developed a blister between my toes on the little 2-mile walk there and back. What the heck? I know I was in my newish tennis shoes, but that's ridiculous.

Afterwards we did some beachy things, and then had a nice Tri-Tip BBQ in the late afternoon. In the evening almost everyone went down to the beach to catch the fireworks off the pier in Cayucos (I'm guessing, given the pier's condition, that the city made the fireworks company sign liability waivers to set up there!). I stayed home, because of the darn blister: naturally everyone said it was a particularly good display this year.

Well, I had a pretty good view of the (illegal) amateur displays along the beach, anyway.

Book #30 was The Tralfalgar Gambit, by Christopher Nuttall. Third in the Ark Royal series. Nearly everybody dies gloriously...

Floats lining up and prepping, along Pacific St. in Cayucos.

Thursday 3 July 2014

Thursday - At the beach.

My friend Tim and his family arrived at their hotel yesterday evening, so today we all met up and took a quick road trip to Harmony, Cambria and lunch, and then back to the beach!

The Glassworks in Harmony.

The beach in Cayucos.

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Wednesday - At the beach.

We first set up some chairs along the main drag, for the parade on Friday, then wandered through the antique shops, ending up with a nice lunch at Schooner's in Cayucos.

Lunch at Schooner's in Cayucos.

Book #29 was The Nelson Touch, by Christopher Nuttall. The sequel to Book #28.

Tuesday 1 July June 2014
Tuesday - At the beach.

The pier is mostly closed now - I think the barricade is actually closer to the shore than it was last year (at, say 25% of the length, rather that 67%), which, given the vibration I felt then, is probably the better place. Some temporary stiffening and strengthening elements have been added to the deck, but I'm not sure that any replacements or repairs have been done to the pier's pilings.

Temporary repairs to the pier at Cayucos.

Monday 30 June 2014
Monday - At the beach.

Book #28 was Ark Royal, by Christopher Nuttal. Nice lowbrow science fiction for the beach....

The view from the rental's front room.

Sunday 29 June  2014
Sunday - Enjoying the beach. Beautiful, sunny and warm. There were actually stars visible in the evening - rather rare here as even sunny days usually yield to a marine layer in the evening.

The rental we are staying at is nice - it's rather huge actually, but suffers from being a bit too close to the highway. I think we'll get used to it (not much choice, actually) and other than that it's spacious and comfortable.

It's about a block from the beach - and you can see the beach, and the ocean, and even Morro Rock in the distance (when it's not foggy).

Another nice thing is that it has a decent internet connection with WiFi - a 15Mb connection in fact, something that was seriously lacking in our last few beach rentals.

Picture of the Week
Cayucos beach, 2014. 
Photo Notes: The beach in Cayucos, 2014.

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