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WEEK 28 2014

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Saturday 12 July 2014
Saturday - Mowed the lawns in the morning, lunch with friends, napped, went afternoon car shopping with other friends, had a very late dinner with them, and home about 10pm or so. A long day.

Friday 11 July 2014
Friday - Still very hot. Doing various chores in the morning.

Late morning I went over to watch S work with one of her clients on the iPad (with the guardians permission and presence). It was interesting. A lot of the faults and issues with iPad apps that she had told me about, but that I hadn't yet seen in person, were readily demonstrated!

Some friends were going out of town so I watched their dog, Samantha, for the afternoon and early evening, when they came by and picked her up again. She's sweet, and after five or six hours the kittens were downstairs and lurking outside her little travel cage. When I let her out, on her leash, they retreated to the stairs.

Riley didn't particularly care, in fifteen years he has seen any number of dogs come and go....

The cage is mostly to protect Sammy from the cats needle sharp claws...

One of the things mentioned the in Mobile Learning For All book was iBooks, because they support a variety of assitive technologies. I needed to download a book, just to try it out, so I downloaded the manual for "Swift", the new programming language for iOS, which might replace Objectionable C. I glanced at it, and maybe it is better. I'll try to research a bit, but I don't plan to change horses in midstream. But perhaps on the other side...

Thursday 10 July 2014

Thursday - As I said, mostly I've been reading stuff. Book #31 was Mobile Learning For All, Supporting Accessibility for the iPad, by Luis Perez. There was some buzz words and jargon, but it was overall a decent enough book.

Book #32, which I actually read over vacation, was A Sword Into Darkness, by Thomas Mays. This was again an almost amateur effort, redeemed by (except for the propulsion system) some space ship design and enthusiasm.

It's answer to the Fermi Paradox is of the "there are a lot of species, and those that incautiously make their presence known (broadcast radio!) get whacked" classification. And it has an interesting reason for while aliens might come in person, rather that just send a robot armada or relativistic speed world killing asteroid.

Anyway, easy mind candy.

It's been warm, but the swamp cooler is working admirably.

An old client called with a question about the EDR system I wrote a while back, and I was able (after looking at it for a bit) to answer her question. No bug, just a protocol item for adding a new equipment entry.

Wednesday 9 July 2014

Wednesday - Working away on things. Lots of chores and tasks to do after a long vacation - I should have done them earlier in the week, but...

I did get a bit of work done on the app, but mostly just read about assistive stuff. S bought a book on iPads for people with special needs, so I'm working my way through it...

The good news is that the great and glorious State of California says that the corporate business name we chose is available to us.

Still playing Abble-Dabble with friends, but the poor selection of letters is getting to me. Far more than chance I seem to get all vowels - this occurs only rarely in Scrabble but virtually every game in AD. S says she seems to get mostly consonants, which makes sense if I'm getting all the vowels.


Tuesday 8 July June 2014
Tuesday - Feeling better. Some energy is back and I'm working on things.

I just missed the garbage man this morning, I was actually walking to the door to go put out the can when the pickup truck drove by. Bah. On the other hand, I wasn't home last week so there shouldn't be much in there, apart from some used kitty litter.

My brother in Martinez sent me a picture of the old house, with a flag out. He says the flag Dad used to display had gotten too threadbare, so this is a newer one.

It looks OK. Maybe the eaves could use some paint.

Riley might be a bit dehydrated, so he's getting 5cc of water with his vitamins, morning and night. He isn't happy, but that's just the way it is. When he starts licking his lips a lot I now know there's a problem. He's also wandering around, "meowling" ( a cross between a meow and a yowl ), so if that persists I'll take him into the vet.

[He does this every single night when I go upstairs to bed, annoying enough in itself, but this was during the day.]

Our Bluetooth switch transmitter from RJ Cooper arrived, and some switches from another vendor, so I'm fiddling around with it. The documentation is not too well done - the information is (mostly) there but you kind of have to dig and jump around for it. I am not, for instance, sanguine that the internal battery is charged. You connect it via a USB-mini cable to an iPad USB transformer, but should the transceiver be ON or OFF when you do that? Will it charge while operating in Bluetooth mode?

I've emailed them about that.

So far I've been able to make the basic switch option work, which enters a "space", which can be used to move between options in an App. I haven't gotten the "enter" option to work just yet. Apparently this emulated the "Volume UP" on the iPAD, when paired, but there doesn't seem to be any way to do a "Volume DOWN".

S says there are reviews of switch assisted apps on Pinterest, which is interesting. I'll have to see what's there.
Monday 7 July 2014
Monday - Back in town, but pretty darn tired. I tried to do things, with limited success.

Sunday 6 July  2014
Sunday - Enjoying a last walk the beach. I put a band aid on the now shrunken blister and went for stroll with my friends, walking the dogs. Grey and foggy, just the way a beach should be in the morning.

Then it was back to the rental and packing the cars. This went pretty well, we were actually done by the 10:00am deadline. Partly it was because we had pre-packed a lot of personal stuff the night before, partly because we aren't taking quite as much stuff, partly because with two largish vehicles it's easier to load things.

Kirk volunteered to drive the first leg of the trip home - who am I to argue. We took the 41 to Atascadero, then the 46 to the I-5 where we swapped, and then I drove the rest of the way home, via the 46 to the 99 to the 58 to the 14.

My a/c in the Explorer may have an issue: there isn't much air coming through the vents. I think the fan isn't working, rather than a major compressor or freon issue. I'd noticed last year that I had to set it to "2" to get the fan to push through a reasonable amount of air, now it's "3" or "4" and that is, apparently, only working sometimes. I'd suspect a blockage, but it's intermittent, which seems more like a fan motor issue. It's not a huge expense, but in my experience it's a PITA to take apart stuff under a car console.

Home about 4-ish.

It was hot, 101F, in Lancaster, but my house was a cool 78F inside - the new-to-me swamp cooler is working well.

The cats were happy - but not ecstatic - to see me, which is exactly what I want to see. T and C took really good care of them!

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Cayucos beach, pelican rocks, 2014. 
Photo Notes: The "pelican rocks" in Cayucos, 2014.

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