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WEEK 26 2015

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Saturday 27 June 2015
Saturday - Getting ready to head out to the coast. Probably not much posting for a week or so...

Friday 26 June 2015
Friday - Hot. But it cooled off (relatively cool) rather quickly, down to 90F by 7pm, which is quicker than usual. Humidity has been in the single digits, which is nice.

Went to the library, dropped off almost-due books, picked up some new ones, before the trip to the coast.

Thursday 25 June 2015

Thursday - Hot.

Still not 100%. I work a bit, rest, work a bit, rest.

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Wednesday - Hot. Working on this and that. Getting ready for the coast.

Tuesday 23  June 2015
Tuesday - Hot.

Did yard chores and a bit of app stuff.

I also took a very long walk, 7+ miles, that wiped me out. Probably not a good idea when not feeling well...

Monday 22 June 2015
Monday - Hot. Summer is here.

I woke up feeling...bad. And worse as the morning went on. I called and asked, but no-one else had food poisoning, it was just me. Fever, chills, tiredness. I finally went back to bed and awoke in the late afternoon feeling much better.

So not much got done.

I watched some TV in the evening. First it was Transformers: Age of Extinction. Kind of boring. I started fast-forwarding through huge chunks, and watched the whole thing in less than an hour.

More entertaining was "American Warships". This was a 2 star (deservedly) rip-off of "Battleship" and was of the genre "so bad that it was good".

Oh IMDB, you know your audience:


Sunday 21 June 2015
Sunday - The first day of summer, Father's Day - and another very hot day.

I made some more repairs to the backyard sprinkler system, and things are probably a bit better. But it's looking a bit seared back there. Once I've the Xeriscaping approval/disapproval I can turn off about 10-15 sprinkler heads, and give the rest of the plants all the water they need.

I did a few other small things as well, trying to get it to look a little less hillbilly back there. Ran odor remover through the swamp cooler for an hour, put up the back yard hose holder, some more tomato plant supports. I bought some threaded rod and cap nuts to fasten the gutter back onto the front of the house, since I couldn't find any inexpensive 8" bolts (you can buy them for car heads for about $7 each).

The peaches are falling off the tree with ripeness, I noted. And half the Marigold's have died.

Sheryl took Roger and I out to Miso Sushi for father's day. I'm no father, as far as I know, but have tried to be a decent honorary uncle to their kids, and they appreciate that.

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Jimmy, looking concerned that the 'cat tree' is missing...

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