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WEEK 28 2017

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Saturday 15 July 2017
Saturday - Hot.

This was Dad's birthday.  Hard to believe he's been gone since 2009.

Did some yard work, but stayed away from the keyboards...

S & R were back late, as they visited R's mother in Hanford on the way home, so I'll keep the dogs until tomorrow.

The dogs are all healthy. Goldie is very old and creaky, and mostly bones - probably not too long for this world, sadly.  She must be over fifteen or sixteen years old now. I've been hand feeding her as much cat food as she'll eat, twice a day.  She probably doesn't have opposing teeth any more, just kind of gums on rawhides and bones that we give her.

Friday 14 July 2017
Friday - Hot. Worked on the front lawn.  My rose bed is out of control, that'll be next on the agenda I think.

But it's so hot I have to do it before 10am....

S says the beach is very nice, and they they are wearing hats and sweaters to deal with the cold and fog...

There aren't as many CD's laying around as there used to be, I guess everyone has music on their phones.  Still I ran across this outside the library, while dropping off books before heading to the coast:

Found CD
A 'found CD', the Features?

Thursday 13 July 2017
Thursday - Hot. I did some quick shopping at WinCo, to get me through the week.

Went by Home Depot and picked up a "Ryobi One+" 18V battery powered weed whacker.  For an extra $10 I could also get a cordless blower, so I splurged.  The package included the battery and the charger, so I plugged it in and will work on the front yard tomorrow morning.

My tomato's look very sad.  It's just too darn hot for them.  And they had mites, which killed them off as well.  There are a few left, but they need more miticide soon.

From last week:

Book #29 was Romulus Buckle and The Luminiferus Ether (PZ #3), by R.E. Preston. The fun continues, this time in the secret underwater city of Atlantis.

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Wednesday - Hot. A bit humid. Mowed the front lawn.  I want to poison gophers, but I have to wait until the dogs are gone. I tried to weed whack, but my old 110V whacker finally gave up the ghost.  It's had issues for the last year, and was losing power, and finally wouldn't spin at all.  I'll have to go get another.  Probably battery powered this time.  I actually had a battery powered unit years ago, but it had a unique 6V lead acid cell that is a specialty item that costs $90 to replace!

Working away on the app, and some STARS stuff.

I took Krypton over to C's place for a walk with her and her kids and her dog Sam in the evening, near Sundown.  Darn toasty still.  Sam has, sadly, poor manners around other dogs. Waling with Krypton might help I think.

From last week:

Book #28 was Romulus Buckle and the Engines of War (PZ #2), by Richard E. Preston.  It's a light novel, but stuff is going on behind the scenes.  There is steampunk and Zeppelins and noble swashbucklers and air pirates. 

But it's apparently a future Earth after a devastating Alien invasion and modification of the climate (hence steam and no electricity), but it's hard to tell if the aliens are still around, or whether it's just their destructive remnants.  There are 'Martians', but they are human(oid) and it's unclear as to whether they are really the baddest of the bad guys. The humans are fighting amongst themselves, but is there an evil mastermind setting them up?

Tuesday 11 July 2017
Tuesday - Hot.  Trying to keep myself and the dogs cool.

From last week:

Book #26 was Brother in Valor (Man of War Book #3), by H. Paul Hornsinger.  The evil Krag have our hero's boxed in and death is certain ... or is it?

Book # 27 was Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders (Tales of the Pneumatic Zeppelin #1), by Richard E. Preston.  Steampunk and Zeppelins and evil aliens...it's all there.  Amusing beach reading, particularly as it's protagonists Zeppelin base is in the Antelope Valley.

Monday 10 July 2017
Monday - Hot.

I read a number of books over the last couple of weeks, mostly Kindle stuff. I'll try to get them listed here, eventually.

For now:

Book #23 was City of Corpses (The Dark Avengers Sidekick #2), by John C. Wright. This is a sequel to Daughter of Danger, Book #3 of this year, and is light, Christian, and entertaining.

Book #24 was To Honor You Call Us (Man of War Book #1), by H. Paul Hornsinger.  Military SF, reasonably well done, nothing special.

Book #25 was For Honor We Stand (Man of War Book #2), by H. Paul Hornsinger.  Despite the titles, honor isn't really what these books are about.

Sunday 9 July 2017
Sunday - Hot. Pretty tired, didn't do much but unpack and try to organize things.

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a LOT of critters here right now, my three cats and five (count 'em, five) Chihuahua's. C was watching them all, but now it's me.  They are outdoor dogs, and each has a little kennel, and all are near the french doors so they can see me inside.

They have multiple water dishes, and three large flat pans that they can walk into and cool themselves off in when it gets hot.

I also go out several times a day and wet down the patio, which helps cool down them, and the house.

R & S have rented a smaller place (very small) directly on the beach in Cayucos for the two of them and no-one else. I've been suggesting this for years, and am glad to see them getting some alone time there! So I'll have the dogs until next Sunday.

The house is staying reasonably cool. The timer I picked up at Walmart is only rated for 1/2 horsepower, so I have to bypass it to run the swamp cooler on high.  Not a big deal.

Picture of the Week

Cayucos Pier 2017
Cayucos Pier, from the North.

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