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WEEK 31 2019 

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Saturday 3 August  2019
Saturday - Hot, 103F in the shade as measured by me.  I did a bit more work on the rear wall, added that door, reinforced the wall a bit.  The a/c was about 22F below ambient outside, which is fine, the cats prefer it hot.

I'm actually a bit worried that they are going to trash the foam, but it's only their home for a couple of days, during the termite work (and again during the flooring work I suppose).

Still browsing the internet looking for a truck.
Friday 2 August 2019
Friday - Heating up, about 101F.

I just used a staple gun to attach some 1/2" insulating foam panels to the side wood supports, and slipped the same gauge panels between the roof beams.  I was planning on two sheets in the roof, but it's so warped that just sliding them in won't work.  I can still staple some to the outside I guess, though I'm approaching overkill for this projects. 

This seemed to work well: even with big gaps at the front and back walls I was seeing about a 20 degree delta with the outside air temperatures just from the R=1.9 insulation.  Yay!

I still need to fix the "front" wall and "back" walls - I think I'll add a door in the rear wall to the rest of the container, since installing the front went so easily.  I wish the front was a full size door, but 24" was all that I thought would fit in between the old french door and the a/c opening. Now I think I could have made a 30" door fit, but it's not worth re-doing.
Thursday 1 August 2019
Thursday - Hotter.

I scabbed in some uprights and overhead beams in the container.  This was more difficult than it needed to be because the dimensions are clearly not imperial, and the whole container is a lot more dented and warped than is first apparent.  But I got things in.  Running out of corner brackets though...
Wednesday 31 July 2019
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Monday 29 July 2019
Monday - Too hot to do anything, but it's supposed to cool down tomorrow and Wednesday.

Book #27 was Nowither: The Drowned World (The Unwithering Realm #2), by John C. Wright.  This is a sequel to Somewither from 2016. I enjoyed it, though thinking it over later I think it takes place over the span of a single day.

Sunday 28  July 2019
Sunday - Hot again. It was about 106F in the shade, as measured by me.

I was very tired from Saturday's activities, and in the morning didn't go into town to shop.

S had found a couple of garage cabinets on Saturday for me, during their yard sales, and paid for them.  I dragged the utility trailer out of the RV shed, put air in the tires, fixed a couple little things, looked for but could not find my tie downs and gear, got a helper from next door, and went into town and picked them up.  I had assumed they were 3' x 5', but it was more like 5' x 6', and I was very happy to have some help along.

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Antelope Acres sunset
Antelope Acres after sunset.

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