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WEEK 33 2017

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Saturday 19 August  2017
Saturday - Left Chucks place at 5:03am, gassed up the car, filled the spare gas cans, got some coffee and headed out.  We made really good time, and arrived in mid-afternoon in Rexburg.  Traffic, despite all the hype, was rather light.

The camp site was excellent: the field hadn't been planted in a year, and they'd graded and watered it, so we had some grass/weeds instead of corn furrows.  We put up the ez-up, and the tents, just before sundown, and had a nice dinner of chili and chips, and a couple of beers, before turning in at 9:30 or so.  A long drive, but not a bad one.

Friday 18 August 2017
Friday - On the road to Minden, going up the 395.  Not a bad trip, about 375 miles.  The Explorer ran well.

Sadly it never cooled down, about 103F in Lancaster when I left, and only dropping to about 77F at Monitor Pass, then back up to about 88F in Minden on arrival.  I was a bit tuckered - I didn't run the a/c on the long grades and geared down out of overdrive so it took longer than you'd think, and I really really needed a shower on arrival. After helping myself to a couple of Chuck's beers.

I extracted the stuff we'll need, the ez-up, the tent, my chair, the card table and the rest, from the Explorer.  When Chuck arrived home we packed the little Yaris for the trip.  It was full but not absolutely stuffed - two or three days of 'car camping' isn't a big deal.

Thursday 17 August 2017
Thursday - Shopped for some trip supplies, nothing special, some fruits and bread and the like.

Wednesday 16 August 2017

Wednesday - Sorting, packing, cleaning.

Tuesday 15 August 2017
Tuesday - Warm. I installed the radio in just a couple of hours. It works very well, AM/FM/CD/iPhone and Bluetooth all working.  Kind of a complicated manual, but I have the basics down, and can peruse the documentation at my leisure.  Packed some music CD's and a couple of books-on-cd for the trip.

And my old remote works!

Sorting and packing for the trip.

Monday  14 August 2017
Monday - Warm, not quite as hot as it's been. 

Didn't get to the radio replacement early enough, but tomorrow should do.  I looked at the manuals and it looks like it's a slide-in replacement, both cage and connector and everything else. Woo!

Sunday 13 August 2017
Sunday - Hot. Did the usual shopping in the morning, though, since I'm gone later in the week, not much in the way of perishables.

The new radio that S ordered have arrived, so I'll have to install it in the next few days. Kind of dreading that, it's always much harder than it should be...  She's already hired her Volvo guy, Dave, to install hers, because it's apparently quite a chore.

They are Kenwoods, so I have some hope that mine will be a slide-in replacement for my old Kenwood.

She also asked for Budd's collar size, so the she can pick one out of her stash of yard-sale collars that usually go to the local rescue place.  He's so fast and quiet, I want to "bell" him.

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eclipse path
North of Rigsby, south of Rexburn -  our camp!

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