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WEEK 32 2017

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Saturday 12 August  2017
Saturday - I talked to G a bit about computers earlier, and sent him a couple of links to decent college laptops from the Microsoft Store, but he says they are are of stock.  He'll probably want to go shopping for something before college starts in a couple of weeks.

Chuck has reserved a campsite in a field near Rexburg, Idaho.  Apparently it's about 250' from the path of center of totality - can't get much better than that.  I am cheap, and was thinking a BLM land site somewhere, but this is better.  It sounds like the hosts really are trying to make it a nice camping experience, and it's nice to have a reservation ready at the end of a 1,000 mile drive.
I'll probably drive up to C's Thursday or Friday, we'll head to Rexburg on Saturday, have a lay over day on Sunday, observe the eclipse and drive back to Minden on Monday - he has to be at work on Tuesday, because he's out of town for another engagement on Friday.  Should be easily doable with two drivers.

Friday 11 August 2017
Friday - Hot. Did a 7.74 mile walk in the morning, got out at 8am for a change, so it wasn't too toasty during the walk.

Sadly the city has decided to cut down all the wonderful shade trees that line the avenues.  Horrible to see, and a surprise. Apparently all of them.  Incompetent, uncaring, corrupt losers and jerks, the whole city council.

S says she ordered a new radio for her car, and ordered the identical model for mine, an early Birthday present!  Like me she really enjoys books-on-tape (CD's these days) on long trips and was horrified earlier in the year when I told her my CD player was kaput in the Explorer. When she heard I had 800 miles back and forth to Minden, longer if I go to Martinez on my way home, she decided to fix my lack at the same time she replaced her own recently failed unit.

Thursday 10 August 2017
Thursday - A friend contacted me, said he was going to view the total eclipse in a couple of weeks, and did I want to go? I hadn't planned on going - it's a 1,000 miles each way, but he volunteered to use his car from near Reno, to Idaho, about 700 miles.  The Explorer has a few hundred miles in it I guess.

I can swing by Bob's place in Martinez, say "hi" and go over the tools that he says are for grabs, on the way back.

Wednesday 9 August 2017

Wednesday -

Tuesday 8 August 2017
Tuesday - Warm, in the 90's.  I did my walk in the morning, 6 miles, and went through about a liter and a half of water, but wasn't in distress.  I didn't get out until almost 9am, but it wasn't too bad out.

Did some Nope! programming stuff afterwards.

I noticed some birds eating out of Z's bowl.  I didn't see him this morning.  It wouldn't surprise me if he is someone's cat, but is too much of an escape artist to keep inside.

Monday  7 August 2017
Monday - Hot, in the 90's.

It was definitely Z cat, he actually came up to the french doors and looked in, much to Jim's excitement.  He looks OK, thin but with a glossy coat.  Has a huge appetite.

Sunday 6 August 2017
Sunday - Hot.

Did some shopping in the morning, and not much else, recovered from a bad Saturday. 

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Morro moorings.
Morro Bay moorings.

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