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WEEK 32 2016

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Saturday 6 August 2016
Saturday - Hot, in the high 90's.

Yard sales with friends, though I didn't buy much.

Lunch at the Soup Plantation down in Palmdale, tasty.

We enjoyed watching Zootopia in the evening, I'd never seen it. Amusing.

Friday 5 August 2016
Friday - Hot.

Working on the app.

No word from the dentist...

Thursday 4 August 2016
Thursday - Hot.

Working on the app.

Wednesday 3 August 2016

Wednesday - Hot but not unbearable (inside).

The dentist came back with an estimate.  It's very very high. They are going to check with an orthodontist who might be able to give me a better price, but Yuma and Los Algodones are starting to look more likely.

Yuma in August. Great. Maybe I'll take the 3:10 train....

So the trick to using the AVQueuePlayer is
  1. Get the audio files you want
  2. Get their full URL path
  3. Use the URLs to generate AVPlayerItems
  4. Add the AVPlayerItem's to the AVQueuePlayer
  5. Play the AVQueuePlayer
  6. Since the AVQueuePlayer deletes it's items as it plays them, you must refill the queue at the end to replay
  7. To do this, attach an NSNotification to the last playerItem (not the queue!) to jump to some method
  8. Use this method to refill the AVQueuePlayer with the same objects (except when you want new objects!)
  9. Since the playheads for the AVPlayerItem's are left pointing at the end of each track, reset each one to point at the start

So lame.

Book #35 was Stiletto: A Novel (The Rook Files #2), by Daniel O'Malley. Enjoyable.

Tuesday 2 August 2016
Tuesday - Hot.

I ordered a toner cartridge for the printer. It's some no-name brand, I usually do name brand but S says the other stuff works fine, so I'll give it a try. About 1/4th the price.

Just grinding away on the app.  I figured out most of the issues, so now it's just a case of coding things up appropriately.  Which, given 12 levels and three or four separate queues isn't exactly straight forward...

My brother B was hiking last week and sent some photo's of Gold Lake. Sigh.  I so want to leave for a week or two and do something like that...

T was just up at Tahoe, as well.  He said it the lake was nice, but the weather very hot most days. The very first place I ever hiked into was Scout Carson Lake, only about 20 miles away.

Monday 1 August  2016
Monday - Back to the app grind.  This AVQueuePlayer stuff is the pits so far.

I did go in and talk to the dentist about getting some work done on the worst tooth - they're going to generate an estimate and let me know what the damage is.

S has suggested I look at the Mexican dentistry, apparently it's quite a bit cheaper, even factoring driving and hotel stays. Hmmm. It doesn't excite me, but I have to watch the bottom line theses days.

Sunday 31 July  2016
Sunday - Hot.  In the low 100's.

I did some shopping in the morning, then light chores around the house and yard. The foot is much better, at ends week I can get rid of bandages and such altogether.

Did a little work on the app, for a few hours.

I suggested to a friend that they get a newer model used Volvo. Say a SUV from between 2002 and 2014 (they moved manufacture over to China in 2015). It sounds like R really wants another older model, but I feel that the antiskid and airbags are probably a good idea as he likes to drive up to the mountains during storms to ski in the winter time. But not my call.

Picture of the Week

Gold Lake
Gold Lake in the Sierra Nevadas.

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