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WEEK 32 2010

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Saturday 14 August 2010
Saturday - not much to say, kind of a quiet day. Warm, but not much over 100F.

Book #54 was Gibraltar Earth, by Michael McCollum. This was a Kindle edition, read on my 'Droid via the Kindle App, down on the boat, over several evenings. It wasn't bad - I would say not as well written as the Antares books, but OK.

Book #55 was Gibraltar Sun, the sequel to Gibraltar Earth, above. Again, a Kindle edition.

Friday 13 August 2010
Friday - a few hours at the office in the morning, then back to Lancaster. A slow trip - there were LOTS of people heading north, despite the relatively early hour. Well, it is the height of summer vacation season.

For a Friday-the-13th is seems OK, really.

Riley, taking a break from the GIS audit....

Thursday 12 August 2010

Thursday - well, the demo went OK, we came away with a punch list of stuff to add, and I need to make it shiny and robust for the non programmers that will be using it.

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Wednesday - heads down programming.

Some Amusing Chart and Plot and Map related sites:
  1. I Love Charts
  2. Chart Porn
  3. Graph Jam
  4. Cool Infographics
  5. Strange Maps
A good graphic puts across a message that words sometimes can't. A case in point: people are always complaining about NASA's wish to return to the moon, because "we've already been there".

Here is sample map at Chart Porn from today, that they found at NASA, (and resized by me), showing just how small an area the Apollo 11 astronauts explored (at great peril to themselves, I hasten to add):

Apollo 11, Exploration Limits

Tuesday 10 August 2010
Tuesday - down to Ventura. It remains cool and overcast there - even the locals remark that it is "like June". I'd like to do a bit of brightwork (re-varnishing), but the teak is far too moist for anything like that.

So anyway, the boss promised the client a big demo of s/w stuff on Thursday, working, so I'm hitting the keypad....

Monday 9 August 2010

Monday -more working GIS quality audit stuff.

Sunday 8 August_2010

Sunday - doing various little chores around the house. Mostly just slacked off. A couple of ten/twelve hour days in a row and I'm shot. It sucks to get old.

The landscaping blocks, from last week, are still in a neatly stacked pile on the driveway. They'd be good repairing some of the retaining walls at my Dad's place, but we siblings are re-evaluating what to do with the place.

Nothing new, as far as reading goes, too darn tired. I actually saw a couple of what looked to be fairly readable SF books at the library the other day, "Drood" and another whose title I forget, but decided I didn't have the time/urge, right now.

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Morro Bay, 2010

Photo Notes: Morro Bay and Morro Rock, 2010.

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