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WEEK 37 2011

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Saturday 17 September 2011
Saturday - It was a hard morning.

Phoebe and I had a little morning ritual. He always slept curled against my chest at night. He would begin bugging me to get up about 5:30, convinced that it was his duty to anticipate the alarm. Purring, walking around the bed, kneading me. When I finally got up he'd run over to the top of the stairs, but since he knew I always shower first, he'd then run ahead of me to the door of the bathroom. The moment the water was off he'd be in the damp tub, attacking the towel and demanding a head scratch. Then we'd head downstairs and I'd put food in the cat bowls. Assured it was there and ready to be eaten on return, he'd demand to be let outside. Riley would wait cautiously by the door - no telling what sort of monsters might have taken up residence overnight - but Phoebe would bull the door open with his shoulder and run out, Riley would follow.

No ritual this morning. Instead I sat outside for a couple hours, near his grave, and read. That will be our new ritual.

I went over to Home Depot and Lowe's, and got some ideas on what to do. I feel better for the activity.

Mowed the front and back lawns. Did some dished, cleaning and vacuuming. Things are pretty dirty and neglected.

Friday 16 September 2011
Friday - R.I.P. Phoebe, 2001-2011.

I had to take Phoebe in to be put to sleep today. He hadn't been able to eat or drink since yesterday morning. Even bacon fat, which he would nibble at earlier in the week, no longer tempted him. He was unable to urinate or defecate despite needing to, and straining to do so. I wetted his mouth with an eye dropper or two of liquid, but no more since he couldn't pass liquids. He was in pain despite the meds, hiding in dark corners and under the bed most of the time.

I called as soon at the Veterinary opened, and then spent most of the morning with him, outside for an hour or two in his favorite bird stalking place, then holding him. Then he wanted to hide under the bed. I took the time to dig a small grave in a favorite corner of the yard.

My friend Sheryl went with me when the time came, and he passed very quietly and calmly as I stroked him. Then we took him home, unwrapped the blanket, stroked him a few last times, added his favorite toys and the boa he loved, and laid him to rest.

I'll get bricks and flowers and things tomorrow, and work on his little plot.

Goodbye Dear Heart.


Thursday 15 September 2011

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Monday 12 August 2011

Monday - The vet says Phoebe has cancer, terminal cancer, of the lungs. It's probably metastasized from the bowels, given his digestive problems lately, but the masses in his lungs show up in the X-rays as marble sized lumps. She gave me some pain-killer medicine, and I took him home, but it's just a matter of time now.

Sunday 11 August 2011

Sunday - Still just hanging around. I haven't had a lot of energy, so many house tasks have been hanging fire. It's still too early for heavy yard work, my hands aren't in pain, but that probably should wait a bit.

I finally finished Book #103, The Information, by James Glieck. Glieck is one of the best popular science writers out there, and this was a very good book. It discusses the rise and implementation of ideas about information, including math and computing. For a long time it was unclear exactly what "information" was, indeed that term, in the modern sense, dates only to the middle of the 20th century. Biographies of Babbage, Godel, Turing and Shannon highlight the work. Recommended.

If the book falters, it is in the coverage of the late 20th century, after World War II. It doesn't do much for the connections with physics and math in that era. But that would need a book of equal size, 426 pages, to cover well.

It's the ten year anniversary of the 9-11 attack. I watched and read a few of the memorials and testimonials, but I'm not one for wallowing. Vengeance is what I wanted, and I think we got it. Prevention is what is needed now, and here the war-on-terror - which should be the war-on-jihad if one is honest, seems to be faltering.

I've been watching Phoebe, he is not happy. Tomorrow we'll visit the vet and take X-rays and see if it's a mega-bowel issue. Fingers crossed.

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Carquinez Straits from pier in Martinez, CA
Photo Notes: Sundown over Carquinez Straits from pier at Martinez, Ca.

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