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WEEK 37 2012

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Saturday 15 September 2012
Saturday - Did more yard work, read some more on the Objective-C stuff. Time to get back to actual programming though!

Lunch with friends, at a place called Giovanni's, over on 10th Street West. Very good food, and large portions - I took half of mine home.

It feels like it is warming up again, though without the horrible humidity. Let's hope that moisture stays away.

Friday 14 September 2012
Friday - Mowed and edged the back yard. It's a lot of square feet, and took a while. But things look better. My tomato's still don't look well, I gave them a good soaking of water, maybe that'll help.

I need to get the tires on the little trailer fixed, and fire up the lawn tractor. It's been way too long, shame on me.

Worked on the coding stuff.

I've been studying, so haven't felt much like reading for pleasure in the evenings. Instead it's anime. I enjoy the random stuff - Gintama, Hayate, and so on. Childish, but relaxing.

It's been a year. I miss the little guy.

Thursday 13 September 2012

Thursday - Mowed, edged and weed-whacked the front yard. I was dripping by the time I was done - it was fairly humid, though not to the extent of a few weeks ago. I vacuumed inside, downstairs, and mopped the kitchen floor. Things look better, but it was a lot of work, more than I anticipated. I didn't really get a "spring cleaning" in this year, and it shows in corners and hard to reach spots. Moving furniture is a pain.

I had thought of going down to Ventura, but the chores ran so long that it was after noon by the time I got to a stopping point. By the time I would have showered, eaten lunch and put gas in the car, then driven two hours, it'd be too late. So I talked to Tim, and since he had plenty to do already we just rescheduled for next week.

Instead I put some time in on the Objective-C thing again. There's a lot to digest there. Still, this is a second pass, so it is going faster. Like I said, the goal is an app (prototype) by the end of the month. It's doable, I just need to refresh myself on the Framework, Cocoa and (probably) OpenGL.

  'The Anorian Mission' - a little photoshop joke...

Wednesday 12 September 2012

Wednesday  - American flags in flames in the middle east, diplomats killed, gas prices through the roof - you know, I lived through the Seventies once, I had no wish to relive it. November and (hopefully) a competent administration can't come too soon.

Not much else to say. Hot. Did some work in the yard in the morning, went to lunch with a friend (tri-tip at Marie Callendar's), and studied the OSX programming stuff in the afternoon.

I also started cleaning up the garage. I had to essentially burrow my way to the shelf with the Sevin (I had to hit the tomato bushes because something seems to be eating on them!) and decided it was time. I haven't have room to park the Explorer inside for a couple of weeks, so I haven't bothered to wash it, and it looks terrible. Fortunately the garbage bin was empty, because I filled it with stuff, again. There is more, but a few more hours of working at it and I'll be able to get the car back in the garage.

Tuesday 11 September 2012
Tuesday - Humid but not particularly hot, maybe 90F maximum, and cooling off rapidly in the late afternoon. I used the little window air conditioner to keep the downstairs cool - at 50% humidity the swamp cooler was, shall we say, ineffective.

Spent a couple of hours working up a spreadsheet for demolition bidders. The contractor websites are an interesting study, some pretty glitzy and advanced, other's apparently just tossed off by a student for $20 in his off hours. [ I shouldn't complain - the company I do work for has a broken web site - I had improved it, greatly, but then the boss wanted it (mostly) taken down, so now it looks terrible again.] What I am looking for is licenses and certifications for demolition and hazardous waste handling/removal, and they aren't always on there. And a lot of time there isn't even an email contact, or contact at all, given. But licenses and certifications are online at the California state board in charge of such things, the California State Contractors License Board.

Also still looking at the iPad thing. I visited my friend to observe her working with a child (with the consent of the parent, who was also there). Very interesting, I can see better now why she wants certain things - sweet spot avoidance, timed vs. untimed activities, visual and auditory prompts, and such.

Monday 10 September 2012

Monday - Did a bit of painting. The flower bed on the east side needed paint, so I painted it tan on Sunday. And it looked ... white. So today I taped it off and painted the edges in the off-green house color, and the white now looks tan again. The eye is a funny thing.


Sunday  9 September 2012
Sunday - Not much going on. Getting back into the iPad thing, reading and looking at some of the code I wrote. I've ordered a new MacBook Pro, since there are issues with the Mac Mini. So, having spent significant money (though it's the small 13" version) I'm determined to get some stuff done. I told my partner that I'd have the first app running by the end of the month, so I've thrown my hat into that ring...

Book #77 was Fate of Worlds, by Larry Niven and Edward Lerner. This is the 5th book in the Nivens/Lerner Fleet of Worlds collaboration, and I've grown to like them. At first I was repelled, but now I look forward to each sequel. Having written themselves into a bit of a hole, with super smart AI's and cluster intelligences in the last book, the authors now find a way out.

I did do a bit of work in the yard, painting, and started to clean up the garage a bit. It's full of junk I took out of the side yard - some is really junk, and will get tossed, some doesn't belong to me, and some needs to be stashed inside.

One thing I need to do is repaint the handles of my shovels, rakes and hoes. The wood handles are pretty much bare wood, and the fiberglass handles are starting to emit those itchy little glass fibers. I also need to apply fertilizer or pesticide's to the tomato plants, they are browning. Given the amount of work they have caused me I'll be upset if they die before the end of October!

Picture of the Week
A view from near the chesebro resevoir
Photo Notes: View to the south from near Chesebro Resevoir.

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