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WEEK 38 2017

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Saturday 23 September  2017
Saturday - Amid the firewood I picked up the other day was an envelope, with some pictures.  They were water damaged, but one photo was somewhat preserved:

Mystery photo

From the haircuts and look, maybe the 1940's?

Friday 22 September 2017
Friday - Book #34 was A Throne of Bones, by Vox Day. This was fantasy, Roman legions in an alternate world. With Elves and Orcs and Goblins. It reminds me a bit of the Codex Alera series of last year.  Not bad.

Thursday 21 September 2017
Thursday - Official start of Fall.

A beautiful day. No need for air conditioning overnight, which is good, because the power was scheduled to be out (again). It didn't go down last week, they'd rescheduled things for this morning.  Actually I misread the email and thought it was last night (Wednesday am), and had turned most stuff off then.

The power was indeed out this morning at 5:30am when I awoke.  The house is eerily quiet without the hum of the fridge, lights, fish tank, etc. 

I just used the natural gas stove, lit with a match, to make hot water for instant coffee and instant oatmeal.  It was like being on the boat...

The power came on a bit before 8am, well after the 6am projected end time, but that's fine.  I waited for the water to get hot and had a nice shower, just a bit later than usual.

The neighbors have been installing a xeriscape yard, with cement work, all week.  Very noisy, there is a straight line-of-sight(sound) to my office window. It makes it hard to use the upstairs office.

I didn't turn on the computer upstairs, but just read some computer books.  Mostly C++. 

Working through some of the tutorial problems on the downstairs computer.  I should give that machine a name I guess.

No walks this week, alas, back still painful.

Wednesday 20 September 2017

Wednesday - Worked on the app, mostly.  Having troubles with a seque-with-data thing.  Bah.

And iOS 11 is coming out soon.  I can't say that I'm looking forward to it.

Bummed a haircut off of S, bought her lunch at Dickies BBQ as thanks.  It's been almost exactly a month since I was shorn, my last haircut was just before the August eclipse.

Some nice photos from Dave in Paris, it looks nice.

Looks like the inspection work isn't until next year.  My Great Expectations for this fall have become just a bit smaller..

Tuesday 19 September 2017
Tuesday - A beautiful day.

A came by with the firewood: the long bed F-250 was full! I had cleared, slowly, a spot for it, but we had to clear more space, and it's piled shoulder high.  Poor A had to do the unloading himself - my back is still hurting, despite 4 ibuprofen, and his boys were at school, and he needed the truck for something else!

I had cleared the gateway, so I unscrewed then hinges and he was able to lift it up and out of the way.  Afterwards we used the Skil Saw to cut about 2" off the bottom, and rehung it.  Good to be able to get in/out of the gate again. I hadn't even bothered trying to drag the cans out through the garage this week.

We had talked about going in together on some firewood, but he thinks he has plenty, as do I.  So that's an expense I can skip.

He also mentioned an older property in his neighborhood that might soon be up for sale.  Apparently it needs a LOT of work.  Which would work for me, if I can get a reasonable price.  I'd probably have to sell this place though.

The eclipse pictures and video's from my friend arrived yesterday in the mail, on the little SD card, and I downloaded them.  They are better than mine!!

The brothers emailed to say that they can't actually complete the sale, because they hadn't cleared the title to the lots the house in Martinez sits on.  Silly me, I'd just assumed they'd checked that before putting it up for sale.

I'm staying out of it, they'll just have to figure it out.

Monday  18 September 2017
Monday - A nice day.

My back is very very sore.  I really messed up this time.  Not a lot of programming work, too sore to sit upright.  Bah.

Sunday 17 September 2017
Sunday - Nice enough weather.  A bit warm.

Did my shopping in the morning, didn't buy any cola or ice cream because I thought I had some.  Turns out I didn't.

I had tossed all the lumber from Saturday over the fence, so mid-morning after shopping I went and stacked it. 

This caused my back to start hurting.  I never know for sure what is going to trigger it, but repeated bending low and twisting is usually a bad thing.  Bah. I still need to fix the gate though.

Texted my acquaintance in Idaho, he says the smoke has lessened a bit, though it's still hazy.

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East Walker River

The East Walker River, in a light rain.

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