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WEEK 39 2017

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Saturday 30 September  2017
Saturday - Beautiful weather.  I went out to a yard sale, saw various tempting things, but resisted the urge to clutter my life any more. It was an older gentleman who was being evicted by family...what a world.

Friday 29 September 2017
Friday - Nice weather.

I finally added my phone to the do-not-call registry.  I'm getting multiple calls a day now from various random locations...

Since loans seem to be out of the question I've asked a realtor I know (from scouting stuff) to come by and give me an estimate on this place. I am reluctant to pull stuff out of savings, since it will be treated as income along with proceeds from the Martinez sale.  Rollovers from a house sale are capital gains free, essentially.

Thursday 28 September 2017
Thursday -

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Wednesday - Book #35 was A Sea Of Skulls, by Vox Day.  This is the sequel to #34 and was pretty good.  Moves right along.  I don't think I've ever read a fantasy from the point of view of a goblin before...

Tuesday 26 September 2017
Tuesday - Looking into loans for the "new place".  Unfortunately it's hard to get anything because of  being self employed. Looking into other options - HELOC and such. Bah.

Monday  25 September 2017
Monday - Texted S to get the name of her chimney sweep.  I haven't had that done, and it's been a few years.  Someone I know had a nasty chimney fire a few years back...

I found a fixer-up in the west valley, out in Antelope Acres.  It's a decent price, though it needs a lot work - a roof, exterior paint, new carpet.  But I am at a low for liquid cash right at this moment...

Sunday 24 September 2017
Sunday - Nice enough weather.  A bit warm.

Did my shopping in the morning, didn't buy any cola or ice cream because I thought I had some.  Turns out I didn't.

I had tossed all the lumber from Saturday over the fence, so mid-morning after shopping I went and stacked it. 

This caused my back to start hurting.  I never know for sure what is going to trigger it, but repeated bending low and twisting is usually a bad thing.  Bah. I still need to fix the gate though.

Texted my acquaintance in Idaho, he says the smoke has lessened a bit, though it's still hazy.

Picture of the Week

West Valley sunflowers

Some Sunflowers (Black-eyed Susans?) in the west valley.

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