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WEEK 37 2017

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Saturday 16 September  2017
Saturday - Nice weather. Fall is coming...

Winter is coming, after that.

Picked up some old dimensioned lumber, free, for firewood.  I want to do some car camping, and the rangers are always a bit suspicious of fire pits with tree branches in them. I also called the friend with the lumber that I bought earlier in the year in his yard.  He was splitting it, which turns out to be harder than I thought - I'd assumed his boys were doing it, but he's doing it himself because of the danger.  I reminded him that I have $$ for him upon delivery.  Also I want to see the size of the pile, to see if I need to buy some before the price spikes up in winter.

But it means I now have to fix the gate, since it has been broken since before the July 4th vacation....

I also need to check the chimney for creosote buildup and whatnot as well, before starting a fire.

Went to lunch with friends - I paid, since I have Great Expectations of wealth soon...

Friday 15 September 2017
Friday - Tax Day!  The estimates were particularly easy to calculate this quarter... 

Did some other bills as well.  The electric company has ceased sending me paper statements, so I always have to check email for that bill.

My friend with the bad battery said it quit on her yesterday, but she has had it replaced now.  I wonder if I was not definite enough about the need for a replacement? I try not to push advice on people in general, but this was pretty straight forward. Ah well, no harm, no foul.

friday cat photo
Ungrateful Rescue Cat eating his fill.
Ungrateful Rescue Cat at his morning repast.

Thursday 14 September 2017
Thursday - Nice weather again. 

Fiddling around with the app.

Messing around with FreeCAD as well.  Download a bunch more stuff.  The little used desktop works well, even while running a browser and an editor and FreeCAD simultaneously it only uses about 1.6GB of RAM.  I assumed it would need an upgrade immediately from it's 4GB, but it's nowhere near the pig for memory that OSX and Win10 are. Nice.

Still working with GIT and Github, but did get the PPA to download.  But the grid generator isn't included...  I checked out the C++ and Python books from the library again, the other day, and need to go through them a bit.

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Wednesday - Nice weather, actually. The grass in back was finally dry(ish), so I mowed it.  The mowed grass now lays in strips like a hayfield. Also edged the front and put out more gopher bait, though they seem to be treating it more as gopher food than poison. Their holes are so small and deep that it's hard to get traps in them, but they are continually expanding their tunnels into the front yard.

A friend stopped by with some fresh fruit from Vallarta, around lunchtime  When she went to leave her car battery was dead.  I checked it and the plate tops were dry, so I added distilled water and put it on my charger. In a bit under an hour it charged enough to start the car, but it's more than 5 years old so I recommended she replace it immediately after picking up her kids - and not to turn the car off while waiting for them!

While waiting for it to charge we were out talking in the front yard and I mentioned that I had noticed the other day that the neighborhood streetlights had all changed to LED at some point.  She said that she saw them doing it while I was traveling for the eclipse in late August.

I reluctantly agreed to sell the house at the fire sale price. It's a totally stupid thing to do in this market, but I can't fight all my brothers and sisters on it I suppose. It is so very depressing to see this kind of behavior.

Tuesday 12 September 2017
Tuesday - A lot of pressure from the brothers to sell the house within 24 hours of the open house.  No-one authorized them to do a "fire sale" (that's actually how the Zillow URL describes it), they did it on their own. I am utterly disgusted.

I went by the library and picked up some books on C++ and Python.  Battling with Git.  I really don't want to give Github my real email address, but I guess if I want to get the repository for FreeCAD it will be necessary to give them something.

FreeCAD has a lot of dependencies.  Even the daily build package is broken right now. 

At some point you can have too many dependencies I suppose, there needs to be a balance between "not invented here" and "hasn't been updated since 2012"....

Monday  11 September 2017
Monday - The sixteenth anniversary of the Twin Towers and Pentagon attacks.

Hot and humid.

I got up early, showered, ate, turned off and unplugged all the critical electronics devices because of a late morning thunderstorm predicted.

And... it was a doozy.  Started with a "boom" that shook the house and sent the cats scurrying.

Not so much as a flicker in the power, but it's best to be safe.

Great for the grass ... grass that I've been trying to mow for days ... just too damp.

Read a bunch on iOS and SQL in the morning, read more on PPA updates for FreeCAD in the afternoon - they are currently broken, btw.

Sunday 10 September 2017
Sunday - Horribly hot and humid. Nice in the morning, but disgusting in the afternoon.

Went and did grocery shopping in the morning, with S.

A late afternoon/early evening thunderstorm and rain showers again.

Poor Suzy - she came downstairs and hid under the throw blanket on the couch next to me, again. This is clearly the safe place in the house...

I'm behind on my reading.  I have stuff to read, haven't felt like doing so.

It looks as though Hurricane Irma is not going to be the monster category 5 storm that it was, when it goes ashore in Florida.  Which is good.

Apparently another 45 groups viewing the Martinez house today. Sheesh.

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East Walker River

The East Walker River, in a light rain.

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