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WEEK 37 2013

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Saturday 14 September 2013
Saturday - Riley still looks to be having some stomach issues, so I gave him more hairball medicine, smeared on his paw while he was half asleep. He doesn't like the stuff, but it seems to keep him regular...

Went by the library and dropped off a bunch of books. Time and "pressing" the slightly water damaged books seems to have let them recover. In any case a more damaged book, that I'd returned a week or so ago, is back on the shelves. I feel bad about it, but I guess they don't consider it a felony any more.

At the library door were a couple of employees, telling people that 'Library policies have changed, and no food or drink, other than a water bottle, is allowed". Heh. S says the library was closed for several days last week, with a bunch of Dewey Pest Control trucks parked around it. I think I've mentioned that the clientele had become a little low, and that people were having entire meals inside? Guess they can put a stop to the meals portion anyway. Friends of mine used to drop off their kids at the library, unsupervised. It's probably not something you could do today, there are a lot of scruffy individuals showing up to get out of the heat. 

Went by R&S's place in the evening, and installed GIMP for S. She found a couple of effects she really liked, done in GIMP, and since it is free, why not? Then we watched some Season 3 of Veronica Mars. Got home about midnight - it means I'm really dragging the next morning. Not being a teenager I can't just sleep it off, my body wants to get up a 6:00am, no matter what.

Friday 13 September 2013
Friday - Not much going on. Haven't even been reading much. Over 100F around the valley.

Started re-coding the app, which had become pretty unstable with all the changes/additions/deletions that I've made. Color-3 will have a separate singleton object and a model object, and incorporate most of the stuff we want to work.

I’ve seen an image that seemed to be a sunken World War II heavy cruiser a number of times, and finally got around to doing an image search. Interesting. It turns out to actually be a Russian cruiser, just port WW II, probably a modified version of the Boston class.

Specifically it was the Russian cruiser Murmansk, which while under tow to India to be scrapped in 1994, sank instead just off a small village in Norway. The wreck was finally removed in 2012 via the building of a sheet pile cofferdam and drydock, then scrapping the ship with standard equipment. I’m a bit surprised they didn’t permanently reclaim the area for houses or something, but perhaps it is too exposed a site.

And, to be honest, I it would have made one heck of a tourist attraction if they’d kept some of it, say the forward guns and citadel. Ah well.

scrapping of the Murmansk
Scrapping the Murmansk.

Thursday 12 September 2013

Thursday - Not much to say. It's been hot, so I haven't been walking much. I'd like to do some hiking, but I'm so overweight and out of shape that it'd be a bad idea, I'd just hurt myself again. Still...

Wednesday 11 September 2013

Wednesday  - I guess the America's Cup races are going on right now. Had I known beforehand that I'd have the week off I would have went north to watch them in San Francisco in person.

Did some shopping, took some books back to the library, had lunch with S and looked at the imagery she's wrestling with for the app. Nice.

Cleaned around the house, worked on the app a bit.

Here's the image my brother sent me the other day, the newish moon and Venus from the porch of the old Grandview house. What looks like clouds to the left of frame is actually smoke from the Mt. Diablo fire. I guess it's a pretty big fire - I remember the fire in 1977, you could easily see the flames from the Grandview house, thirty miles away or so.

martinez moon

Tuesday  10 September 2013
Tuesday - Mostly worked on the app. I'm going to use 'singletons' for communicating between views. It isn't a perfect solution, but then again none of the solutions for global data are. It's good enough for the little color app.

Did my quarterly taxes. Easy enough.

Big plans for the evening: go out after dark and get rid of the tomato worms that are decimating the side yard tomatoes. I went out a couple of weeks ago but didn't find them, but they are devouring the plants, which weren't happy to start with for the last month or so.

Tractor grill, make unknown.

Monday  9 September 2013
Monday - Pretty slow. Not feeling all that good, actually. No word on work.

Things are failing around the house. A measly ~25 years of duty and they are ready to be replaced.
Maybe it's time to move? I don't want to spend my life fixing stuff like this. If I rent the place out it could all be considered maintenance and come off my taxes....

Bungie as a just rescued kitten  in 2009:


Sunday 8 September 2013
Sunday - A quiet day, not much going on. Warm and humid.

I made a list earlier in the week, chores to do, A thru Z. And more. So I spent some time working on those. My hands are better, but I stuck with the smaller stuff, cleaning, laundry, picking stuff up, bills, and so on. And still needed ibuprofen after a couple of hours.

My brother Bob sent me a nice picture of the new crescent moon and Venus in the western sky. It was overcast here. I also sent him a Dropbox link to public folder with some photo's I'd taken in 2009 at the scattering, he said it worked OK. It's a little clunkier process than I expected, not just a right-click-get-link, you actually had to go to the dropbox web site page and get the link from there.

Picture of the Week
Bungie, all grown up , August 2013. 
Photo Notes: Bungie, all grown up, over at R&S's house, August, 2013.

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