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WEEK 37 2016

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Saturday 10 September 2016
Saturday - Warm.

Worked on the app in the morning, did various chores in the afternoon...

Friday 9 September 2016
Friday - Hot.  Probably 100F+ at the house.

I have a few hot peppers and cucumbers - now that I'm annoyed and no longer attending to the garden so diligently.  Maybe the plants needed stress to start bearing fruit?  Not a single tomato though. The Bell Peppers have been sunburned.  I didn't know that was even a plant thing...

Worked on the app, got a couple of the major punchlist items done. Yay me.

I guess Apple had it's big fall shindig this week, and the big announcement was that you won't have a headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Huh.  Now if they announced wireless charging, that'd be something, but they are really starting to look antiquated next to the advanced Android tech and features.  I think they are a bit more secure in both OS and App's, but I don't know if that's enough to keep people paying premium prices.

As an App developer I hope so.  But maybe it's time to start looking into the Android versions of our apps.

Book #42 was Earth Awakens (The First Formic War), by O. S. Card. This is the third prequel, I think the library might have the fourth. The Formics, hive like ant aliens, have landed from a mother ship in orbit, and are busy killing pretty much everything in mainland China. Their technology is better, and the divided nation states on Earth have a hard time combining to fight them.

Thursday 8 September 2016
Thursday - Warmer yet.

I took a longish walk in the morning, about 7.5 miles. I used the Motion X GPS app, and it worked pretty well.  Every five minutes it pings and tells you how far you've gone, and your current (instantaneous) speed.  A bit too intrusive for me, but it's probably settable somewhere.

desert chair
People dump stuff.  This chair wasn't out there earlier in the week.

Grinding away on the app.  Pinning and un-pinning the tiles as needed gets a bit tricky when you also have rules that change the other rules... I mostly have it, but it needs a bit of polishing. Then there were some auto-correct issues to be addressed.

Book #41 was Earth Afire (The First Formic War), by Orson Scott Card. I had some books to return to the library, and the little branch actually had the next two books in the series.

Wednesday 7 September 2016

Wednesday - Warming up again.

Not much going on, working on the app, going through the punchlist.

I went by in the evening and dropped off an iPad with a newer version of the app for S, but it's still terribly buggy.  She said her students were pretty frustrated - one even pinched her.  I'd have been further along, but I took a break over the long Labor Day holiday.

I also bummed a haircut, since R was getting one at the time.  Long hair is yucky when taking long sweaty walks in the desert.

Book #40 was Earth Unaware (The First Formic War), by Orson Scott Card.  The is a prequel to Ender's Game, set about a hundred years earlier. We meet a young Mazer Rackham, and a bunch of new characters.

Not bad, though more a Young Adult book than adult. Well enough written for both I guess.

I should watch the movie at some point I suppose. I've been meaning to,but just forget.

I was just web surfing for something easy to read in the afternoon, and this turned up as a free - and actually available - download from Amazon via the Los Angeles Public Library.

Tuesday  6 September 2016
Tuesday - Warming up again, perhaps 90F or so. Did the laundry and dishes, now that I can bend (very carefully) at the waist again.

Back to work on the app. I did fix things on the bug list, making slow progress.

S called in the evening - one of the outstanding punchlist issues is that the "pinning" in upper levels is buggy and sometimes keeps kids from moving cards that they should be able to.  She was demoing the latest version and they find this (understandably) annoying, so I'll work on it tomorrow.

They do seem to enjoy the challenges of the new levels when they are working right! But, little card sharps that they are, they've already figured a way to finesse one of the levels to make it easier, so I'll have to fix that too!

There was also an issue with audible prompts, but that was probably due to my not emptying the NSNotificationQueue after each hand, so I think it's fixed.

My friend Dave injured himself, while getting ready for our hike, so that's delayed indefinitely. It's a bummer, but so it goes - he's the same generation as me and it's easy to do (see my back injury of earlier in the week). He's the kind of guy who would just suck it up and go anyway, but the doc says "no".

And all this just after I'd just spent the ginormous sum of $1.99 on the Motion X GPS app Monday night! Sheesh.

Monday 5 September  2016
Monday - Labor Day! Warm but nice.

Took the dog for a walk in the morning, about 5 miles.  It wasn't too hot, but I brought along some water for her and gave her as much as she wanted.

Her presence really upset the yard dogs along my route - lots of angry German Shepherds and Pit Bulls, and Chihuahua's. Much angrier and louder than when I'm alone. Some of these dogs are big enough to look over the fence without standing on their hind legs, which concerns me a bit.

Her family picked her up in the early evening, she was happy to go.

In the afternoon S stopped by, and we finished most of the sewing on the sail cover, a task that has been hanging fire due to various issues since spring. Yay!  The bolt rope and the grommet's need to be added, but it's 95% done now.

I managed to hurt my back, by twisting while lifting a box in the garage. Sigh. I know better than to do that, but it's easy to forget -and now I'm in for a few days of discomfort until it fades.

The marina called, they've finished repairs on B dock, I can move the boat back when I want. So probably in the next couple of weeks I'll try to get down there, put the new cover on, replace the diesel impeller, and move it back.  Nothing against C dock, but the outer end of B dock is nice and quiet (when the sea lions aren't visiting there).

No app work - letting the hands rest.  I was getting "trigger thumb" towards the end of last week, the break is very welcome.

Sunday 4 September 2016
Sunday - Warm.  Cooler than it has been.

There was shopping in the morning, afterwards I mostly just took the day off apart from various little things.

Too tired to do anything in the afternoon - maybe a bit of summer cold?  Mild fever and chills for a few hours. The dog wanted to walk, but I just wasn't up to it.

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Animal trail in the desert
An animal trail in the desert.

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