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WEEK 37 2015

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Saturday 12 September 2015
Saturday - Hot and very humid again.

Yard sales with friends in the morning, lunch at Mahli's in Palmdale.

In the evening I visited with friends out in Antelope Acres and showed them the app. They were impressed. Of course they also pointed out that I'd created a bug in the last few days - the symbolic prompts are no longer showing up. Gahhhh. Well, its probably something simple, and I'll fix it Monday...

Friday 11 September 2015
Friday - Hot and humid. Looking back I can see episodes of this in the past, but this seems longer and worse. Perhaps because I'm at home so much.

Working on the app. I've pestered S for information on the new levels for the last couple of days, and she sent it, so I then pestered her more throughout the day as I sketched out the logic and came up with questions.

Thursday 10 September 2015

Thursday - Hot and humid still. Ugh. I didn't even bother with the swamp coolers, just ran the mechanical as needed upstairs in the office.

Just heads down programming, but I got the suits working, eventually.

Wednesday 9 September 2015

Wednesday - Hot and humid again. Indeed, with thunder in the near distance I had to unplug all the computer stuff around 6:00pm.

Not much to say, just heads down programming. I'm trying to add in new "suits" of targets, to present similar but not-quite-identical targets. S is making the real imagery, but I created placeholder images by adding an overlay with a number.


Of course Apple decided to do me dirt.

Yesterday I created a new 'branch' for this stuff. Which worked. Then today I wanted to go to that branch, but couldn't, because there was 'a file not committed' in the parent. Hmmm. I committed it, then tried again: same file, not committed. So I closed the project, closed Xcode, shut down and rebooted. Tried again, same message. Hmmm.

Essentially Xcode was trying to save the user preferences file about every second - you could see the screen flicker as it did so. You literally couldn't commit the 'change' and switch to a new branch before it was updated and marked as needing a new commit. Yes, having tried and failed to create their own source code management system, Snapshot, the guys (and gals) at Apple managed to eff up git as well.

The trick is to tell 'git' to ignore that file and not commit it. This is easy, you just go into the git preferences pane in Xcode and.... Hah! Ahahahaha! There is no git preferences option in Xcode, you have to exit and do everything from the command prompt.

So I did all that, and was finally able to get into the new version.

Then I took the new sets of images I'd created, all 72 or so of them, and added them to the project, via Xcodes 'add Files' option. Whereupon it promptly lost track of them, and said they were unavailable because they weren't there, but wouldn't let me re-add them: when I tried it would tell me they really were there. Yep. There and not-there at the same time. Sigh.

I'd had something similar happen before, and the trick was to go into the project control panel and delete them from the resources. Only this time they didn't show up there. Eventually I used Finder to view the bundle and delete them all, closed the project, re-opened the project, and then imported them again, no more than 12 at a time.

BTW the Xcode 'add Files' menu doesn't remember where you were last time, each time it starts on the Desktop and forces you to drill down to wherever you created your files. Six times in a row...


Anyway, once that was done, and I had lunch (it took all morning to fix this stuff) I started coding up stuff, and had it at 90% by the time it was time to knock off and protect the computer from lightning strikes by disconnecting everything from the wall.

Apple had their big fall shindig, but apparently it was underwhelming. A new version of the iPhone 6, a new iPad (great, another resolution to support), and, I guess, iOS9.

Microsoft always tries to take the shine off Apple's big event. Their thing this time is apparently trying to 'push' a Windows 10 update to Win7 and Win8 users, and this includes a 'telemetry' module that is essentially spyware. These updates & installs ignore all current preferences and settings for privacy and such - you have to very carefully reset everything if you don't want "your" computer phoning home non-stop. "Your" computer is now, essentially, Microsoft's.

Book #47, actually finished a day or two ago, was Nemesis Games (Expanse #5), by James S.A. Corey. A library book that I'd been meaning to get around to, and that was due in a couple days. Not bad, though there were a few too many coincidences for my taste.

I took a few minutes when it cooled a bit, and wiped down the old chair with some Lacquer thinner, to get off wax and stuff. It's a bit more worn than I realized, lots of bare wood.

Tuesday 8 September2015
Tuesday - Hot and very humid. It makes it hard to sleep at night. The a/c in the morning was essentially blowing out uncooled air - swamp coolers don't like 50% humidity. And it never got very dry, down to about 25% mid-afternoon, with temperatures hovering around 100F. Gaaah.

To work in the afternoon I had to turn on the little mechanical window a/c unit upstairs.

I got quite a bit done on the app however. More 'anti-streakiness' stuff, per a request from S, also some other game level modifications that she asked for. I did a 'commit', then created a new branch to deal with the multiple suits of targets stuff.

In the early evening S called, and we did dinner at the new Dickie's BBQ in town. It's where the old Radio Shack used to be, next to Target. It was pretty good, maybe not quite as good as Dave's down in Palmdale, but they just opened so there's plenty of chances for improvement. I'd go back...

Monday 7 September 2015
Monday - Warmer, and a bit humid.

I went for the same long walk that I did last week, and this time it really affected me. Last week the weather was cool and dry, this week it was warm and humid - and I started late. By the time I got home I was really dragging.

I did some minor work on the app in the afternoon, but was really extremely tired and didn't make much progress.

Sunday 6 September 2015
Sunday - Warming up again. It is supposed to be hot and humid next week, yuck.

I did some minor yard work, then some more garage cleaning.

I also took some soap and water to an old wooden desk chair that S picked up. The varnish is worn off the handles, and since she gave me about a dozen cans of mixed varnish a while back, I offered to see if I could improve things. The chair was made by the Johnson Chair Company, probably in the first half of the 1900's. From what I can tell they made many many tens of thousands of these for various government and business agencies, it's not particularly special. In pristine shape, with the leather seat in good condition it might be worth $200, but the varnish is bad and worn off in many spots and the leather cushion is bad, gone for half the seat. Fixing it up is not the crime that the Antique Road Show would make it out.

No app work, since it's a weekend. Also hot upstairs.

Not much else to say. I read some more in the afternoon, starting the most recent 'Expanse' novel by Corey.

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odd clouds to the south of the av

Looking south from the AV, with odd clouds over the Angeles range.

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