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WEEK 36 2015

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Saturday 5 September 2015
Saturday - Warm.

Not much to say. I finally put the shelves up, then took the lowest down and added some hooks to hang both metric and English wrenches from, holes for screwdrivers, etc, then put it back up. Then I started, finally, organizing things to go onto the shelf's, the commonly used tools and such. Even spots for nut drivers: I note that my 5/16" driver is missing. I think it's the one that fits computer case screws, it's probably in the house somewhere:-)

I also sorted out about ten pounds of mixed screws and nails that I'd picked up in an old leather bag, for a dollar at a yard sale. I ended up with a mason jar of 3" drywall screws, two or three jars of 2" and 2.5", a mason jar of nice bolts, and about forty used brass wood screws. Quite a bag of loot for a dollar.

Not much else to say. Too warm to do much outside.

R&S are off to pick up their boy from LAX, summer school is over and they've booted everyone out of the dorms at OSU for a few weeks.

Friday 4 September 2015
Friday - Warming up.

I did a couple of small things to the app, then packed up the laptop and went over to S's place late morning and installed it on her iPad, and showed her the new features. She'll test it out and maybe run it by students that might benefit. So far the feedback from parents and students has been very positive: either you can do a relatively simple task - or you can't. It really shows the presence of certain concepts in the student, or their lack, despite its surface simplicity.

S is a brilliant diagnostician, and this is sort of 'bottled S'. She mentioned that she'd ordered a bunch of books on brain neurology, and I warned her not to let any book larnin' get in the way of what she see's and observes in real life!

In the afternoon I worked on setting things up for another big change in the app, adding in different 'suits' of cards for the targets and decoys. It's a little tricky but shouldn't be too hard.

In the morning I gave the shelves a coat of white(ish) latex paint, then in the late afternoon turned them over and gave the undersides a coat as well.

Book #46
was Uprooted, by Naomi Novik. Novik is the author of the popular Temeraire series, but this was a stand-alone fantasy book. Not bad, pretty straight forward stuff.

Thursday 3 September 2015

Thursday - Much cooler weather, in the 80's perhaps. It's nice not to have the a/c running continuously.

S wanted to try out the app on Friday, so rather than walk 10 miles or work on the garage shelves I put in some time, 8am to 7pm, and 'got her done'. More or less. I'm not happy with certain things, but I don't know of any outright bugs in it. The beta testers will let me know if I'm smarter than a 5-year old!

In particular I couldn't get the simultaneous gesture recognizer from Apple stuff to work. I fiddled with it for hours, then just gave up and set a Boolean flag of my own in the app that allows use of a gesture recognizer only after a tap begins. I imagine that's all that Apple's stuff does, under the hood, but I was tired of messing with opaque documentation and stuff that almost, but not quite, does what I want.

I also put the images into a dictionary, and that works, though of course it's invisible to the user. But it makes things cleaner under the hood, and paves the way for some upcoming changes S wants.

It also allowed me to remove a whole bunch of Core Image stuff, so I'm not compositing stuff five or six times per hand, but just one. The app is noticeably snappier.

And I fixed some UI bugs, and added another UI feature S wanted.

Book #45 was Dreams of Earth and Sky, by Freeman Dyson. This is a book of essays and book reviews. Dyson is very, very smart and his stuff is always intriguing and challenging to read.

Wednesday 2 September 2015

Wednesday - Shopping in the morning, I'd let the pantry get pretty low. And the cats were happy for some new, fresh, abundant kitty litter. As was I...

I did make some end caps, and attached them to the shelves that will go over the workbench. Of course the end cap on the lowest shelf I messed up, since it's the most visible. Bah. But it's just rough carpentry, not furniture making, so no big deal. I was going to paint them, but it was about 90F in the garage by the time I was ready, so I'll do it tomorrow.

I did a bit of work on the app, but the brain really wasn't engaging, so a not particularly productive day there.

Tuesday 1 September2015
Tuesday - Slightly overcast in the morning - which was excellent as this was a morning walk day. I was out of the house by about 6:50am and took a nice long walk, over ten miles this time. My feet hurt, and the rash reappeared, but it's nothing serious and I was able to keep up a 3mph pace.

While out walking the marina I keep the boat at called me, and threatened to start charging me double unless I provided them my documentation papers. So, when I got home, I sent them a copy of the receipt from the Coast Guard for the money I paid last week. Hopefully that settles them down for a bit. Ten years, thousands of dollars in slip fees, and they treat you like dirt on the bottom of their shoes...

The app work was basically getting the dictionary working, then testing it out for the various levels. I created a new 'branch' in 'git' to do all this. It seems to be working, but it's not really the final product. Right now it's an alias 'key', and a corresponding text 'value' that is the name of the graphic image. The cool thing about dictionaries is that the 'value' doesn't have to be text, it can be the image itself! The image can be modified, and it won't affect the original, and I don't have to pass around a name and logic to handle it, the display portion of the code just uses the key "image_1" to display whatever the value UIImage for that key might be.

Barn Appetit!
This year's slogan: "Barn Appetit".  There's even a corn dog in there...

Monday 31 August 2015
Monday - Warm, but not hot.

School has started, both the elementary school down the street, and the college across the street. Lots of traffic in the morning...

I had a couple of small chores around the house, and had trouble performing them because the garage is such a mess (still) that I couldn't find all my tools. So I put up some brackets and another shelf over the workbench, then added some hangers for adjustable wrenches and a set of english box wrenches. Then I took everything down, and got ready to paint them, then decided they need some end caps so stuff didn't fall on my head, and decided to leave that task until tomorrow.

App stuff was basically creating and instantiating a singleton with a dictionary object, to create a key as an alias to the actual image. This will allow randomization of images - autistic kids really key in on repetition of any kind, and to allow 'sepia' or 'gray scale' for unwanted or unselected images or previously selected images. I had a lot of problems, mostly my own fault, I wasn't setting the key properly.

Sunday 30 August 2015
Sunday - Not too hot, there were some clouds about in the morning when I awoke.

I decided to do some exploring in the west Antelope Valley, find some trail heads. I found a couple, but not the one I wanted. But I did locate the crossing of the N2 by the Pacific Crest Trail, and where that trail intercepts Hwy 138 and the state aqueduct. In between those two points it runs along the border of a private hunting ranch, which, according to the sign prominently posted next to it, starts September 1st. Good to know.

I also found the road to Sawmill Campground, though I didn't drive all the way to the trail head.

Not found was the trail head to the Libre Mountain hike. Mike and I did hike it once, but that was August of 2005, so it's a bit vague in my memory.

The N2 is a fun drive though. Very scenic, though it seems to have acquired a bunch of landowners, wealthy ones, who have fenced off big bits of it, and have little discreet signs to their homes. Well, bound to happen I guess, it is Los Angeles county.

Afterwards I stopped by and visited with some friends in Antelope Acres, and discussed buying an empty lot near them. There are a couple of problems with that: (1) it's overpriced and (2) I'm kind of broke even if it wasn't...

Not much else to say. I read some more in the afternoon, and tried to avoid using the keyboard.

Book #44 would therefore be Fool Moon (Dresden Files #2), by Jim Butcher. This was an ebook library loan. It was OK, light entertainment for a slow Sunday afternoon.

Picture of the Week

Highway N2 in the Angeles

Looking west along Hwy N2, at the PCT crossing.

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