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WEEK 41 2014

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Saturday 11 October 2014
Saturday - I spent most of the morning and early afternoon assembling the shelves in the garage. I'd forgotten to pre-drill some stuff, then had to take stuff down, drill, and reassemble it. In the end it was nearly six hours and I was happy to get it up, it was getting warm. Also the person down the street "sharing" his pop music with the neighborhood was getting on my nerves.

The varnish job came out kind of awful. Well, it was practice, after all.

I was surprisingly tired afterwards, arms aching, and what's that about? After just six hours of light labor?

Friday 10 October 2014
Friday - Still working away on things. Got the V2 settings and storyboards more or less that way they should be. A long day again.

I had a bit of excitement in the morning. I was sitting on the patio, enjoying my morning coffee, when I heard an ominous "scritch" sound from the flowerbed where Jimmy likes to hang out and hunt hummingbirds. Looking that way I couldn't see him, and walked out to check - and he was on top of the 6' high block wall. When he saw me he ran away. Fortunately he ran along the wall towards the house, not away, and I was able to corner him and get him down with only a few scratches. If he'd run the other way...

But now I have to find a way to keep him in the yard. This was really about the highest point in the wall, the rest is 8" to 16" lower. Maybe some sort of "cat run" thing.  For the next few days he'll be inside.

Thursday 9 October 2014

Thursday - Not much going on. Working away on the app, starting V2, with a bunch of storyboards and the settings pages. Kind of a grind, about a 9 or 10 hour day at the keyboard.

Win7 has been thrashing my hard dirve, over on the Bootcamp partition, so eventually I just shut it down. Microsoft knows about this problem - some sort of background process that can take up nearly 100% of the cpu allocation, I've seen it mentioned online, yet they seem unable to get on top of it.

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Wednesday - Kind of a busy day. Went over to the computer lab in the morning and got a couple of the required hours in for the digital media course. I think 24 hours is crazy for this sort of thing - the assignments just don't take long - but that's the way it is. Then there was a lot of shopping to do. S needed to go, so I tagged along and picked up a bunch of stuff for myself.

In the afternoon I did a bit of app work, not much to say there, nothing much new.

In the evening I finished what I will call Book #22Blood of Tyrants (Temeraire #8), by Naomi Novik. I've had it since early August. It's 448 pages, which makes sense, it took me several evenings to read.

A few years ago I mentioned that the WuChao Bridge in China was the longest stone arch span in the world, but it turns out that there is a longer: the Danhe Bridge, at 146m (476') clear span. It's all of stone, though the roadbed itself is (naturally) of concrete. China, where labor used to be cheap, has a great number of 100m+ stone bridges like this built since the 1950's, though in the last decade or two the new stuff is of reinforced concrete.

Given the quality control issues reported in China, you have to wonder: will the stone bridges will outlast the RC?

Danhe Bridge picture, with the stone blocks clearly visible. (via, where there are more pics and info)

Tuesday 7 October 2014
Tuesday - Added in the sound stuff for the first few levels of the app. It works well enough, but there is still a tiny memory leak.

I could play hundreds of hands before it became a problem, but... I can see it happening, but I'm not sure why. A lot of people report similar problems, but their fixes are too old (pre ARC) or just plain don't work for me. And at least a couple of people report that it's the debugger giving a false error...

Not much else to say. Working on Naomi Novik's latest book in the evening. It doesn't have page numbers, but it feels like two or three books run together. One in Japan, one in China, and another in Russia...

Added another layer of varnish to the shelving.

Monday 6 October 2014
Monday - School in the morning, with a decent enough lecture from the instructor, and more stuff about using Adobe Illustrator.

Then it was lunch, then home, then a kind of wasted day because I had a really nasty headache. I finally tried an icepack in later afternoon, and that helped a lot. .

Then a small amount of app work, reading up on sound stuff.

Sunday 5 October  2014
Sunday - Morning was devoted to various chores. It's always something. I did put a coat of varnish on the remaining shelf board, finally.

I then tried to watch the Niners' in the afternoon, but could only get the Chargers. Oh well. The Chargers won, and I understand the Niners' won as well.

After that I did a bunch of bills.

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Cliffs at Redrock SP, Sept. 2014 
Photo Notes: Cliffs at Redrock SP, Sept. 2014.

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