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WEEK 43 2014

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Saturday 25 October 2014
Saturday - Mostly just household chores. I did some shopping, WinCo and the 99  Cent store.

I put a couple of hours in at the keyboard and could feel it later. Mostly just rearranging things so that the game "model" routine had more of the logic in it.

Book #43 was Admiral's Spine (#6 in the series), by Luke Sky Wachter. Eh.

I've been assuming the author's name was a pseudonym, but, you know, there's a guy in my class at the college whose first name is "Skywalker". Really. So I don't feel as confident about that assumption as I did last year....

Friday 24 October 2014
Friday - Another nice fall day in the High Desert.

Since my hands were bothering me I didn't do too much programming at home. I did go over to the computer lab and put a couple more hours in.

Thursday 23 October 2014

Thursday - Another nice day, from what I saw from inside the house. I'll probably remove the window sun insulation and the window a/c in early November.

Apparently there was a partial solar eclipse in the afternoon - but nobody told me. Bah.

The "solution" to the mish-mash level was simply to make a set of internal levels, and treat each of the separate modes as a different level. Externally the app shows 4 levels, internally it's five. And, since I was already doing all that I incorporated it into a new and shiny "game model". Yay me. About ten hours at the keyboard, and my hands are getting stiff...

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Wednesday - Warm, but not crazy. Mostly just worked on the app. The shoulder is better.

I did go over to the college and put in a couple of hours in the computer lab. I need 24 hours and only had about 9, and the lab gets very busy late in the semester. It wasn't too bad at 10:00am, and actually got emptier by noon. S is talking about going over on Friday, too, so I'll probably tag along, though my Adobe Illustrator 'project' is pretty much done.

Tuesday 21 October 2014
Tuesday - Worked on the app in the morning, then took a walk and had lunch.

After lunch I went upstairs to work on the app shoulder was on fire. I'd bumped it Sunday or Monday, when while carrying something a cat got under my feet. I remember thinking "That'll leave a bruise." and then forgot about it. The bruise hurts, but there was whatever is wrong inside was aggravated to the point where it was hard to sit upright without being in pain.

So, ibuprofen and a nap instead of programming. This has happened before, tomorrow it'll be better.

The weird thing is: it didn't hurt before noon.

Monday 20 October 2014
Monday - Back to school. Not much to say there. S and I stayed in the computer lab for a couple of hours, getting the current Adobe Illustrator project going. She's done, and I'm only about half done, but then she's been practicing doing the artwork for the app, so the "feel" of Adobe products is working for her.

We went back to her house for lunch, and talked a bit with R, who was working from home again. NASA has changed a lot since I was there, he does this a couple days a week now.

Worked on the app in the afternoon, not much to say there. S gave me more input on Level 4, which had been puzzling me. It turns out that it's kind of a mishmash of a level, sometimes one thing, sometimes another. I'm still puzzling over how to do it without scattering special case logic all over the code.

Sunday 19 October  2014
Sunday - Less than 10 weeks left in the year.

Morning was devoted to app work. It's coming along, really. I need to get some more information from S on one of the levels, but the logic for everything else is really coming along. I've been consolidating and modularizing things, and need to "objectify" it a bit more I think, it's getting a bit complicated again. Still, a lot of progress in the last week

I then mowed, weed-whacked and edged the front yard. It's been about three weeks, and though stuff is growing slower - it's still growing.

After that a slow late afternoon and evening. Like last week the guy down the street was playing his music again in the afternoon. Not quite loud enough to be complaint worth, but loud enough to be annoying to me. I'm kind of looking forward to cooler weather and closed windows and doors down that way.

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Photo Notes: Extreme programming requires a wingman...

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