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WEEK 44 2007

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Saturday 3 November 2007

Saturday - back in Lancaster. I was longing for my own bed, and it felt great. Until my neighbors dog started barking. Apparently they are on vacation, and the dog barked all night, steadily. I finally gave up on the comfortable bed and slept on the family room couch. The cats didn't care, I woke up with them draped over me.

The fish tank looks good. Changing from Koi pellets to Goldfish flakes has cleared up the water tremendously.

Book #55 is Dzur, by Steven Brust. This is a fantasy, and just the latest in a number of books set in this universe. But it was thin gruel - size-wise and plot-wise. I feel a bit cheated.

Daylight savings time starts tomorrow...

Friday 2 November 2007

Friday - on the road, back to Lancaster.

In their infinite wisdom CALTRANS decided to close the I-5 South to I-14 North transition road, at 8 on a Friday evening. It defies comprehension - this is still a heavy commute hour. Morons. I had to drive south down the I-5 until I could get off on a side road and come back,  up the I-5 and pass though the stop-and-go I-14 junction. Jeez. About a half hour added to the commute.

Thursday 1 November  2007

Thursday - working.

I see a lot of advertisements for the movie adaptation of The Golden Compass. This is a fantasy trilogy, and TGC was the best of the three books. The last book ends on a somewhat depressing note, and with a seriously anti-Christian message. I wonder if the studio plans to finesse that, and if so, how?

Wednesday 31 October 2007

Wednesday -  working.

Tuesday 30 October 2007

Tuesday - working.

 Monday 29 October 2007

Monday -  working.

Sunday 28 October 2007

Sunday - working.

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Sundown over the Pacific Ocean, near Pt. Mugu
Photo Notes: The sun going down over the Pacific Ocean, near Pt. Mugu, Ca..

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