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Saturday  20 December 2014
Saturday - Oddly cold, despite the thermometer saying it was around 55 midday. I did various small things about the house, went out to lunch with friends. We had planned on the Jalapeno Grill, but they were closed, so we did the Miso place instead.

No much else to say. I've the urge to work to on the app, but am trying to rest my hands...

Friday  19 December 2014
Friday - Overcast, cold at night, just about down to freezing again.

Again, working on the app, trying to get the screen rotation thing going. Essentially I'd hard coded locations of various views & buttons, now I have to put a layer of indirection in so that landscape left/right and portrait up/down are correct. It's a bit odd, because each of these is slightly different, to allow for variations in use by students with various handicaps.

It shouldn't be too hard, but there are, as always, weird scoping issues to debug. Things mostly work, but there are now some issue's with the animation for correcting wrong answers - I was perhaps a little aggressive with my cut and pasting the new indirect variables for the view centers.

Book #43 was Revelation Space, by Alastair Reynolds. Not bad. Nothing to do with religion, despite the title, but more on Fermi's Paradox. Coming down on the berserker side of things, as far as I can tell from this first volume of a trilogy. He wrote Blue Remembered Earth, which I liked.

Thursday  18 December 2014

Thursday - Cool, but warmer than yesterday.

Not much to say, working on the app, doing some Xmas shopping with a friend. She's having a rough Christmas, one brother in the hospital with cancer, another just out of the hospital after a surgery, and daughter going to the doctor for an illness.

I went over and talked to my neighbor (again) across the street about his loud music. He was not very receptive, but turned it down a bit, and hinted that he planned to be real loud over the weekend. We'll see I guess. I've fought this battle before, and usually (though not always) win.

Wednesday 17 December 2014

Wednesday - A cold and blustery day. I cleaned the garage in the morning, enough to be able to put the car inside again. Yay!

Update: Yeah, I did miss the green waste pickup yesterday. Oh well. If it's dry and calm I'll rake up some more leaves this weekend and add them to the barrel.

I worked on the app, in this case provisioning the physical iPad2, and transferring the app to it. It took several hours, not the several days I was worrying about.

It's a big step, next I need to do a few more things, then set it up to where people can get invitations to beta test it over the internet - not everyone can come to my house after all!

For dinner we went over to A&L's place, S having made some homemade pizza. We had a great dinner, sitting around the dining room table, laughing about life in general and the college life in particular, both S and A have boy's in the local JC right now.

Tuesday 16 December 2014
Tuesday - A little light rain, starting about 3am. I know because the cat  woke me when he walked across my head to get to the window and check it out...

I got up late and put the trash out, just missing the first truck of the day. Since they are more or less random, it could have been the recycle, the garbage or the greenwaste truck. Hopefully the first, because I only put out garbage and greenwaste.

Not much to say, otherwise. Working away on various household and app things. I want to "provision" the iPad, but, to be honest, it was such a terrible chore the first time that I'm reluctant to even attempt it. Bah.

I did get (most) of my cards done and mailed. About 20 this year, a few less than years before, sadly. People die, move, get lost track of... I have a couple of queries out, trying to get addresses for a few more people.

That said, I have, myself, received a grand total of two; the first one was from Tim's parents, then another from my brother Bob.

Some Christmas stuff that I ordered is starting to come in. I need to open the outer packaging and check that stuff isn't ruined I guess.

The reviews I've read of Ascension are pretty negative - apparently it's plotted as a hoax, where the people in it (the starship)  believe it to be in space, but really it isn't. I'm trying to imagine what kind of people you could sucker with that idea - Orion class propulsion would be hard to mistake in the first place (atom bombs being set off a 100' behind you to push you along makes an impression), and there isn't any possible way for 1960's era spaceships, or todays, to maintain a constant 1 Gee thrust for years or decades, not even Orion..

See, I said SyFy would mess it up!

Monday 15 December 2014
Monday - A cool but not miserable day. They predicted a front for the afternoon, but when I checked the weather radar in the morning the storm was far, far to the north. Not until this evening I suspect.

I did a bit of grocery shopping, remembering that I needed this-n-that as I went, eventually going home with a fairly large set of goods. But using the 99-cent store and Costco means it wasn't particularly expensive.

Someone random stranger button-holed me at the 99-cent store, and starting going on about 'Ascension'. I finally realized it was the SyFy Channel's generation starship show that was premiering in the evening. I don't get SyFy, and it honestly didn't sound very interesting since SyFy has a positive genius for screwing up, so I'll check up on it later.

I never got around to doing my cards. Tomorrow, I guess.

Sunday 14 December  2014
Sunday - An OK day. I did a few chores, cleaned up a bit. I need to finish the shelves and put stuff away in the garage, so that I can re-garage the Explorer, but other stuff has been getting in the way.

I did remember that I'd saved the cards and envelopes from last years Christmas Cards, so I've dug them up and will do cards, soon.

I pulled out the old Mac Mini and booted it up. I can see my provisioning profile, expired, on it. Now to get it on the new MacBook.

It's odd not having TV, so that I can watch football, but so it goes.

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Looking east along the Sacramento River.
Photo Notes:Looking east and up the Sacramento River, from Glen Cove.

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