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WEEK 10 2018

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Saturday 10 March 2018
Saturday - Rain during the night, and off and on all day.  I'm really glad I did the work on the house, it's a 10X more rain than predicted, 0.3" instead of 0.03"! 

It's good to have rain though, it's been a dry year, and it's particularly helpful for those recently transplanted seedlings that it's so cool and wet.

pine seedlings

I didn't do much today to be honest, pretty tired. I guess I'm still only good for a few hours of physical labor, the cold is hanging in there.

Book #6 was Superluminary: The Lords of Creation, by John C. Wright.  This is one of his over-the-top space opera's, very amusing.

I'm behind on my reading, again.

Books Read, Week 10, 2018

#1 Dreadnought (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 2)
#2 Star Carrier (Lost Colonies Trilogy Book 3)
#3 Artemis: A Novel
#4 CTRL ALT Revolt!
#5 Hammer of the Witches (The Covenant Chronicles Book 2)
#6  Superluminary: The Lords of Creation

The table is a bit messed up.  Following the lead of all the cool kids the developers of Blue Griffon have moved away from HTML markup and want to force everyone to use templates for everything.  Also they want to force you to buy stuff from them - table tools and formatting modules, and stuff like that.  Bah. That probably isn't going to happen...

Friday 9 March 2018
Friday - Warm and sunny in the morning and midday, getting a bit windy and overcast by sunset.

I bought some primer paint, and had the neighbor boys over to do most of that chimney painting stuff.  I had done some scraping and brushing prior to this, but I had them finish all four sides of the chimney, and also give things a quick sanding.  Then they caulked things, and applied the (Valspar) primer.  This took a while, but it looks a lot better.  The exposed material is some sort of pressed wood stuff, certainly not waterproof, and the gaps took a good 2 1/2 tubes of caulk.

I also built a little planter bed, and re-potted all the little pine seedlings.  They were way past due, and very root bound, but I just couldn't get to them before now. It was getting dark by the time I got done.

Pretty tired by the end of the day.  I'm trying not to overdo things and relapse, like I did a week or so ago.

Chimney work

My neighbor's had me over for pizza after we were done.  Since I was ordering a big ticket item the other day (the propane tank)  I made a point of ordering a little bottle of Ghost Pepper powder (1.25 Million Scoville Units) for them, since we were talking about it for some reason the other day.

I had a small bit myself, pretty hot, but they just poured it on, lots of red faces and people gulping milk and Thousand Island dressing...

Thursday 8 March 2018
Thursday - Warm and sunny.   I kind of want to turn on the heater, just out of habit, but it's actually quite nice, in the 70's during the day.

I went into town and picked up a few things - a new shower rod, an area rug for the office, some groceries, some plastic bowls, some face soap.  It's been a couple of weeks since I did much shopping, although I did but a few grocery store items with S the other day.

I picked up some potting soil: I really need to replant those little pine seedlings (actually a month ago would have been better, but I've been sick and working, so...)

I also picked up a new printer, the old B&W brother not being up to some of the stuff I'm doing...

I ordered a 100# propane tank from Amazon, since refilling at Costco is about 1/2 or 1/3 the price of the delivered stuff out here.  I actually "yelped" the local distributors...horrible, horrible, horrible reviews. Just like A had reported.

They are predicting the weather to change, and for the AV to get some rain, so I need to protect the very weather-beater chimney and south side of the house.  I think I'll prime all of that tomorrow.

Wednesday 7 March 2018

Wednesday - Feeling better.

Read another 100 pages of C++.  Memory leak stuff, and operator overloading.  OO - I have to wonder if people really use that?  It would be nice if you could make your own operators, but apparently you can't.  Seems like a recipe for confusion.

Tuesday 6 March 2018
Tuesday - Dragging a bit.  I did go to the market and get some Dayquil, but am trying not to relapse...

Read about 125 pages of a C++ book. Pretty dry stuff.

Monday 5 March  2018
Monday - Brought the stuff in, got assigned a bunch of stuff, went home and crashed.

I was going to go over the the H's for dinner, but had a massive coughing jag and had to cancel.

Instead one of the boys brought me dinner.  They've actually been doing that all week - truly great people to live near!!

Sunday 4 March 2018
Sunday - Moderately sick, but Dayquil keeps the coughing and fever in check.  Did some shopping with S for the house - I was out of everything at this point.  We are both creaky but ambulatory...

It was cold and windy overnight, and there was some snow on the surrounding hills.

I was tempted to call and cancel my tax appointment, but they are hard to arrange and I always need a kick in the pants to get going.  Oddly I received a call in the evening that my usual counselor is out sick, but her assistant will be in.

Feeling much better, went over to the H's for dinner, after prepping with Dayquil!  We watched the finale of that around The Amazing Race.  I was kind of rooting for the Yale team towards the end, but the ranger and girly girl team won, fair and square, with the pampered princess girl (generally useless) actually solving the puzzle before Henry, the smart Asian guy.

I just plugged away at taxes.  It is annoying to be trying to do this in the most complicated year in memory, and to do it with a head full of cotton, but they'll give me a list of homework tomorrow and it'll be a relief to be done.

Picture of the Week

Snow on the hills

Snow on the Tehachapi Mountains, as seen from Antelope Acres.

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