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WEEK 18 2013

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Saturday 4 May 2013
Saturday - Feeling a bit better. For some reason I can deal with a bagel and coffee relatively easily. It's anything else that sets things off. Huh. I was going to yard sale with friends, but discretion is the better part of valor.
Friday 3 May 2013
Friday - Still feeling terrible. Well, I felt good in the morning, and went to lunch with friends. I had half a bowl of rice before I started feeling bad again. The rest of the day, evening and most of the night was terrible.

That fire near our job site is called the "Springs Fire", and has burned from the Camarillo grade all the way to the ocean, 28,000 acres and only 10% contained. Yikes.

But a front and onshore flow, even light rain, is predicted for Sunday, so our Contractor can start up again and probably work all week.

Thursday 2 May 2013

Thursday - Annnnd there's a huge fire just a few miles from our construction site. The weather is 90F, 5% humidity, 10mph gusting to 20. As Weather Underground put it: "Feels like 122F".

Feeling terrible. I came down with some sort of summer flu. Yesterday it was aches, fevers and chills. Today more stomach upset. Gahhh.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Wednesday  -  I didn't head down - the very experienced inspector (an engineer himself) said that they were nearly ready to go though. Lot's of brush clearing and site preparation to do.

In the afternoon we received word that the fire danger was high, "Red Flag Warning" and we notified the contractor to shut down until the end of the week. He wasn't a happy camper, but the word of a fire marshal is god when it comes to these things.

Tuesday  30 April 2013
Tuesday - Going through the revisions for the submittals again. It's getting near summer and the job site is in the middle of a park - grasslands and oaks - so we are being as conscientious as possible about the fire plan and precautions. I'll probably head down tomorrow or Thursday, as they've started mobilizing equipment onto the site and can start shearing as soon as we give them a go-ahead.

Monday  29 April 2012
Monday - Working a bit on submittals again. The contractor is pretty much done at one site but hasn't submitted all the paperwork for the next. It isn't hard but apparently he thinks that if he drags his feet we'll just let him start. And that won't happen.

Sunday 28 April 2012
Sunday - Not much to say. Working on this and that.

There is a good chance I'll be down in Thousand Oaks next week, for a few hours.

Picture of the Week
Old fire engine, out on 20th street west 
Photo Notes:An old fire engine by the side of the road, April 2013, Lancaster.

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