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WEEK 21 2018

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Saturday 26 May  2018
Saturday - Warm and windy.  Still sore.

Mildly ambulatory though. After a certain point you have to be active with a sore back, or you just stiffen and take longer to recover. Bending to feed the cats hurts.  Bending to pick up laundry hurts. And so on. 

No walks at all this week, which is too bad.

Book #18 was The Passage, by David Poyer.  This is the second book in the Dan Lenson series (in internal order, 1980).  He gets assigned to a Kidd class frigate, and the plot revolves around a virus in the ships fire control system, the spy on board that put it there, an attempted mutiny and the Mariel boat lift from Cuba. His ship, for once, doesn't get sunk - but he personally does get set adrift in a small boat in a hurricane and captured by the Russians, and later has to fight to the death against the mutineers and Cubans and Russians to save his ship...

I suppose it's the "Passage" because various straits in the Gulf of Mexico are named Passage This and Passage That.  Also there is an entire subplot of a woman escaping from Cuba, another "passage", and Lenson himself gets a medal and throws off a bit of the stigma from the court martial due to the sinking of his first ship (The Circle, Book #13, 2018) and his career can advance.

Maybe I'll make an info-graphic of all the stuff that happens to him and his ships...

Friday 25 May 2018
Friday -  Windy.  Back too sore to do much.

Wrote a letter to K, sent it off with a friend's son to be mailed in town. 

His mother tells me that they are very strict on what you can send to people in OCS.  Apparently sending a full page from a newspaper is a no-no, as is a pair of sexy underwear from your wife...

Me? It's just some writing on a piece of college ruled notebook paper.  My life is so boring it's hard to fill even a single side.

My friend's boy also dropped off the grass for S's cat, and picked up the curtains for the french doors that she made.

I planned have a sun shade to put up in the back yard, but because of my back I just leave the back door to the garage open.  The dog comes in, in the evening, and seems content, though he clearly misses Mike. There's the big 90's style antenna dish for shade as well, and he likes to lay under that with a delicious bone.

Thursday 24 May 2018
Thursday - Windy.  Back too sore to do much.  Pretty much laying flat and taking ibuprofen, reading some fiction and programming stuff and watching tv.

Received some texts from Mike, seems like the road trip back from Connecticut is going OK.

The grass seems to be doing the trick, very little vomiting from Jim now.  The other cats didn't have that problem, but they eat quite a bit.

Wednesday 23 May 2018

Wednesday - Windy.

I finally loosely assembled the bench, and turned it upright, then put all the fasteners in.  And...it warped.  The lumber is so green that the 2x4's leave wet streaks on the garage floor, so I don't think it was anything I did (and a good workman blames his tools and/or materials).  Still, it's annoying that after all the cutting and fitting it doesn't sit flush against the wall like I'd planned.  I'll put some weights on it and see if it straightens out.

And I tweaked my back.  Very sore.

Tuesday 22 May 2018
Tuesday - Windy.

It looks like SFTP is working again.

Mike brought the dog by in the morning.  I didn't realize that he was leaving quite so soon - this evening, but it's fine.

Jim and Suzy hid in the bedroom, but there's no backup to Budd!!!  He refused to move or hide from the dog, and Sparta is giving him a wide berth.  Fortunately the dog comes from a house with several cats, so a cat around is no big deal to him.

Monday 21 May  2018
Monday - Windy.

Went down to Palmdale and picked up stuff from the tax people, and sent it off. 

I'm a little disappointed that they charged me for this - it was half their fault since the medical expenses were in a spread sheet that I handed to them - and I specifically asked that they not do an amendment, but they did one anyway. Oh well. I'm sure the IRS will want it eventually.

Sunday 20 May 2018
Sunday - Warm, but not horrible. I did go grocery shopping in the morning.

My brother brought Sparta by, to see how he did in the yard.  He seems fine, not inclined to dig or jump.  I actually have concrete and metal posts, but right now I've just braced the old posts.

He's flying out on Wednesday, but has a ride to the airport.

Not much else going on.  It's been very windy, or overcast, so I haven't done any astronomy stuff.

Picture of the Week

Budd eating the wheat grass.

Budd chowing down on the wheat grass.

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