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WEEK 21 2017

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Saturday 26 May 2017
Saturday - Warming up again. 

I gave my solar over a primer coat of Rustoleum on the outside, in the morning before it got hot.  By afternoon it was dry and hard - I can remember using the RO in the garage in winter and it taking 4 days...

I discovered the other day that the clamps I'd used when I glued it up had slipped, and ended up with a 3/16" gap at a corner, right in the front where everyone can see it.  However, rather than try to undo a really solid Gorilla Glue joint, I just filled the gap with thin plywood strips and more Gorilla glue, then called it done.  It's visually ugly, but won't affect the functionality.

I have yet to make the insides or top, but my my hands are just absolutely trashed, it'll have to wait.

Lunch was at the Thai place near Denny's and Albertson's.  We'd gone there years ago and it was pretty bad and hadn't gone back.  But R&S tried it out recently and said it had improved quite a bit, and I have to agree, quite decent in taste and reasonable portions.

Friday 25 May 2017
Friday - TGIF.

I spent the entire day trying to perform two simple tasks
  1. Set up the basic framework for the new app version, with a launchscreen done the new way
  2. Sending it to Testflight, so that it'll be ready to go to beta testers when it's done

This took all day.  All frickin' day.

Hungry cat.
Feed me, peasant.

Thursday 24 May 2017
Thursday - Still fussing with the media issues. 

But I have a handle on it.  I'd noticed that it was taking a long time to do the Monday backups to USB, but figured it was a scratch or log file issues.  While researching the media thing I discovered that Xcode and/or Git was making an entire backup of the entire folder, each time I did a commit.   Nearly two hundred almost (but not quite) copies, for 11GB instead of 450MB!

I looked at it for a bit, then texted S that I was going to start version 9, as a separate project....  This probably dates back to the botched GIT commit this spring.  Generally I practice good programming and do not mess with the project folder, save through Xcode and Git, to avoid these kinds of issue. 

Honestly, if someone were to ask me just how to make a complete backup of the entire project folder and make it a sub-folder of a sub folder of a sub folder...I would have no idea.

Wednesday 23 May 2017

Wednesday - Nice out.  Not even windy.

I was supposed to meet with DM in the morning, and Dr. G. in the afternoon.  Dave didn't show until after noon, but we finished up some preliminary estimation stuff for the possible work in the fall.  More channel mapping and GIS stuff.

Dr. G. didn't call - he had his laptop stolen last week and wanted to meet to get some code from me, but perhaps he found it on a backup somewhere.

Tuesday  22 May 2017
Tuesday - Still plugging away at the app.  I'm trying to get the media name resolution issue cleared up.  Xcode and Git are not a match made in heaven.

Monday 21 May 2017
Monday - Did the wash at my house, then brought it over to R&S's place to use their dryer.  I brought my saw and drill, and we rehabbed the rotted out lid to S's solar oven with some corner brackets and new 1x4's that I also brought over.  I actually had to drill out the old screws holding the hinges on - it's been nearly 20 years since S built it. Glad I charged the battery.

Sunday 20 May  2017
Sunday - Another warm day. Nice, a bit windy in the afternoon, though not the 60mph of earlier in the week.

Not doing much, trying to rest the hands as much as possible.  Folding laundry hurts at this point.  Sitting around is pretty boring.

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peach blossoms
Peach blossoms.

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