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WEEK 22 2017

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Saturday 3 June 2017
Saturday - I meant to mow the lawns, but the sprinklers went off in the am hours.  I didn't think they were due until Sunday.  Ah well, it isn't too bad.

Put the linens through the wash and hosed down the side yard, that's about it for the morning.

My friends arrived mid-day-ish, and after hanging about for a few hours we went to a nice lawn party.  Their relatives daughter had just graduated, with honors, and with a full ride softball scholarship to a college in the Midwest, Kansas I think.  Congratulations to her!  The parents looked a bit like they were suffering from early-onset empty nest syndrome.

All the best to T!

We were home about 9, and, while T went off with R to the movies, the rest of us hit the sack before 10pm.  Of course the same neighbors were blaring their hip hop and mariachi so I ended up putting earplugs in. Gahh. Well, maybe it was a special night over there too....

Friday 2 June 2017
Friday - In the high 80's again.  The swamp cooler can handle it, even on low.

Did a bit of programming, but mostly just cleaned - did the bathrooms and most of the upstairs.  Because of hand issues my spring cleaning was a bit hit-and-miss this spring, so it's nice to touch stuff up a bit.

Also upgraded X-cats pen to a 4x8 size.  He was dubious, but he needs to be able to get up and around - I saw him stretch the other day, a sure sign that he is on the mend.  His sores have closed up, so I'll be able to shift to kitty litter, rather than piddle pads, shortly.
Thursday 1 June May 2017
Thursday - Warming up again.

Figured out the off-by-one error.  A 'C' versus 'Fortran' loop testing thing, I've been away too long.

Vacuumed downstairs.  I have friends coming up Saturday, so I figured I'd get a jump on house cleaning in the afternoon. Tossed some very old veggies in the trash, and some very old bread out for the pigeons in back.

Wednesday 31 May 2017

Wednesday - Humid, overcast, coolish - even a brief sprinkle.

The graduation was OK, in fact my friends said it was a relief not to be standing in 90F+ sun!

Tuesday  30 May 2017
Tuesday - Typical early summer weather for Lancaster, warm, but a bit humid and some high clouds.

Some friends of mine are having a boy graduate from high school tomorrow, there is a small chance of rain.  Apparently it's utterly booked there, with room for the immediate family only.

I went back to look at the Fortran code with the off-by-one error.  It annoyed me, so I stopped and then started work on the basic tutorial for it, even though technically it isn't working.  I'll do a first pass in Libre Office Writer, then export to Gimp.

I keep meaning to read up on how to properly use XML and CSS, but just ended up using markup and getting the strange behavior...

Monday 29 May 2017
Monday - Memorial day.  I put the flag out. Talking to the checker at Winco on Sunday morning, he mentioned that his troop of boys (he's a scout leader) were heading out to the local cemetery to put flags on the vets graves.

Otherwise not much going on.  A little app work, a little Stars work, but my hands are still kaput. Mostly just reading.  It hurts to hold the weight of the iPad, I try to set it on a pillow and use a stylus...

The new-ish neighbors celebrated with concert level mariachi and hip hop from noon until exactly midnight. yay.

Sunday 28 May  2017
Sunday - Another warm day.

I downloaded a relaxation sounds app: Relax Oriental.  Kind of nice, S recommended it.  She says that she uses it, and a 7 hour long video of a train trip from Bergen to Oslo, as background "white noise" when things get too distracting.  I'll have to give it a try.

Not doing much, trying to rest the hands as much as possible. Sitting is boring.

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peach blossoms
Peach blossoms.

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