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WEEK 23 2017

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Saturday 10 June 2017
Saturday - Went to yard sales with friends in the morning, then lunch at the Lemon Leaf, then napped, then went over for movies. In this case it was Stranger Days, which couldn't quite decide if it was a Goonies rip off, Poltergeist(it's set in 1982), or a teen sex drama.  It was actually well done, but the whole teen sex thing added absolutely nothing to the plot, as far as I can tell.

Friday 9 June 2017
Friday - Kind of a light duty day, my hands hurt.

Did a few chores, went out and bought some trim and house paint, but decided my hands weren't up to that, or anything else really.  Bah.

Read a bit on Python programming, FreeCAD programming,  and Style Sheet Templates for Word and/or Writer.

Thursday 8 June May 2017
Thursday - Nice weather.

Mowed the lawn in the morning - even though it probably wasn't a good idea for my hands.

More keyboard work.  By days end my hands were shot, but I'd finished up a bit of code that had been hanging fire for nearly a month. Had a little get together with Dr. G in the evening, he says that he's off to England and Sweden in a couple of weeks, to endow a chair for his old adviser, Dr. Vaughn, and visit with friends.

Last day of grammar school for a couple of months.

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Wednesday - Worked at the keyboard all day. Not a lot to say there.

Went over to the H place in AA for dinner, home-made burgers.

A couple of neighbors with disasters for front yards have started fixing them up.  Is it the effect of spring, or did the city come around and start tagging homes and threatening fines, now that the drought is over?

It should help my house valuation, anyway.

Of course it all evens out: the other day I heard brakes, and a horn, and shouting and yelling.  I'm getting blase', and careful, so didn't go out for a while.  Apparently a couple of guys were having a fight in the middle of the street, getting out of their cars and blocking it to through traffic.  That doesn't help your house to sell.

Tuesday  6 June 2017
Tuesday - Hot. Not quite 100F, but 97F to 98F.

I mowed the front lawn, early. But it was too warm to continue to the back by the time I finished.

Sick cat escaped.  I had the garage door open and he got out of the pen at some point and disappeared.  This meant that Mr.  "I can't walk three steps to my food" walked to the door of the pen, stood in the kitty litter, jumped 4 feet vertically, got his paws into the 1" crack and hung there, pushed the board on top aside with his head, climbed out, jumped down 4', and completely fled the yard.

I looked everywhere, but he's no-where to be found.  My friend that's been helping showed up about 5 minutes after I discovered the Great Escape.

I'll put some food out, just in case he comes back...

In 2011 I was blogging about the great new Dropbox, and the essay about it being a folder "that just synced".  I was reading that again and just sighed.  It's now everything that the author was railing against.  Creeping featurism and a weird interface.  Ah well.

Monday 5 June 2017
Monday - Warm again.  Nearly 100F in the back yard. 

I cleaned and did some minor chores. 

Sat with the sick cat for meals, he's getting well enough to be alert and be bored.

I was going to mow the lawns, but the sprinklers went off, so tomorrow...

One of the repair items last week was the front gutter downspout.  I'd put the gutter up earlier this year with Glen's help (through-bolted, rather than nailed), but couldn't find all the downspout bits.  I finally gave up looking and bought them at Home Depot.  They almost, but not quite, fit.  So a five minute job turned into a 30 minute job.  An hour if you count driving time....

It's been on the "to do" list since 2013...

I note from the old blog that the "new" swamp cooler arrived in 2012.  I'm kicking myself for not getting the one up in Tehachapi a couple months ago, but so it goes.

Sunday 4 June  2017
Sunday - Another warm day.

The friends and I met R&S&A at the AM Diner here in town.  Excellent breakfast food, and a friendly staff.

Afterwards the friends had to leave for San Diego - Tim has to drive back to Ventura on Monday for a board meeting.

I just cleaned up a bit, and relaxed.

We discussed going to WinCo, but it was nearly noon and the first weekend of the month, it'd be crazy.

I thought about Dad a bit, hard to believe he's been gone eight years, even now.

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dad and peg
Dad and Peg, down at the Martinez Marina.

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