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WEEK 24 2017

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Saturday 17 June 2017
Saturday - Spent the morning on yard work.  Painting the bits of the old tomato cover.  Painting the bits of the yard tool holder that I've be building.  Picking up dead birds in the side yard.

Lunch at Miso Sushi. Yum.

Neighbors were incredibly noisy, Mariachi and HipHop until after midnight.  I want to move so badly....

Friday 16 June 2017
Friday - Hot. AC working very well.

S mentioned that she had to buy a new (to her) washer, because the latch failed on the old one. For four or five hundred dollars she could have repaired the ten year old unit...  Gotta love modern engineering.

Worked on the app until about 7pm.  The great June Git Disaster cleanup continues.

Thursday 15 June May 2017
Thursday - Hot.  Glad the A/C is working.

Worked a bit at the various programming tasks.

Talked to Tim a bit in the evening about some of the Saticoy laterals stuff.

Wednesday 14 June 2017

Wednesday - Warm.

I bought a new motor and installed it. It was $70, which I think is about half what I paid four or five years ago. The clips holding it to the bracket were rusted out, so I made another trip to Home Depot for those.

It works MUCH better than the old one.  It is noisy, but probably puts out as much air on LOW as the old motor put out on HI.  In fact it blew little bits of rust all over the dining room, it was so much more powerful!

I actually had to use a gear puller to get the drive pulley off.  I think I've used my puller set twice in the ten or fifteen years I've had them.

So, new pads, new pump, new motor.  I really need to change out the belt as well, before I leave for vacation.

In the evening the phone alerted me to a space station overpass.  I went out, and since I had the phone on me, actually took a video of it passing near Jupiter, almost at the zenith.  You can clearly see both, and hear the chirping of crickets in the background.
Tuesday  13 June 2017
Tuesday - Warm.

The swamp cooler motor packed it in. Fortunately it wasn't too hot, but it's supposed to get hot towards the end of the week, so I'll have to get on that.

Monday 12 June 2017
Monday - Warm.

Sunday 11 June  2017
Sunday - Another warm day.

I just cleaned up a bit, and relaxed.

The anniversary of D-Day in Normandy was last week. 

Which reminds me: my brother B sent me the picture below that he'd found of the USS Bayfield, APA-33.  My Dad's ship. He was aboard at Iwo Jima, though not at Normandy. He may actually be in the picture somewhere.

Picture of the Week

USS Bayfield, APA-33, at Iwo Jima
USS Bayfield (background) at Iwo Jima.

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