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WEEK 25 2017

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Saturday 24 June 2017
Saturday - Hot.  Sent my sister a pic of the local weather report: "102F, Feels like 109F"

Friday 23 June 2017
Friday - Hot.

Budd & Sam are getting along.  They touch noses occasionally, but don't play or fight or anything.  I think Budd gets jealous of Sam sneaking up onto the couch.

Thursday 22 June May 2017
Thursday - Hot.

Not updating this much, it's pretty boring and my hands hurt a great deal right now....

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Wednesday - Hot.

Took the dog for a nice 5 mile walk in the morning.  I brought extra water for her, and she drank some, but wasn't in distress.

I wore my new boots - they seem good.  A little looser than the old ones, which might be an issue on downhill grades in the mountains with a heavy pack.

I need to net my peaches I guess.  Looks like they won't quite be ripe before I leave for the beach the Saturday after this.

Working on the app.  Also keeping my hand in on STARS stuff.  I was pretty rusty, but am getting better at the Fortran stuff.  The devil is in the details sometimes.  It's fun playing with FreeCAD though.

Tuesday  20 June 2017
Tuesday - Roasting hot.  Dry, but the a/c has trouble keeping up with temps in the teens...

Dog is here.  C brought her dog gate, so Sam can't go upstairs to pester the cats.  Though she is not a cat chaser anyway, a bit timid.  Budd is curious, not upset, but holding his distance.  The other two are hiding upstairs. Though they've had her as a guest before.

Tim is driving across the upper part of the USA, Rushmore and all that.  I sent him this:

dairy queen

Monday 19 June 2017
Monday - Hot, hot, hot. 110F+ in my back yard.

I'm watching a friends dog for the next week, while they are on vacation, and was out trying to secure the yard.  I did pretty good, but was exhausted by the time I got to dog-proofing the tomato beds, then realized I'm not going to put the dog out in 114F heat anyway, and called it a day.

Sunday 18 June  2017
Sunday - Another warm day. As in frickin' roasting.  Over 110F.

My tomatoes won't be happy.

Too darn hot to work outside, and too darn hot to work inside, really. I'm trying to set up a post-Cayucos visit up north to visit my brother and sister and a friend.

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USS Bayfield, APA-33, at Iwo Jima
USS Bayfield (background) at Iwo Jima.

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