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WEEK 22 2019 

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Saturday 1 June  2019
Saturday - Warming up again, with lots of vertical development (but no rain) in the afternoon, just like the past few days.

AH and his son T came by in the morning, and we used the little electric paint sprayer to get a coat of paint on the eaves.  It took a while to get a rhythm going - I've never used one myself, but evenutally we were able to do about 3/4 of the eaves before knocking off for the day.

I was beat afterwards, despite A doing the hard part.  It makes my back ache just to watch him twisting on the ladder to get up under the eaves - he was exhausted himself!

There is a spot I can't do right now - birds nesting in the eaves, and a bit of work on the southeast corner, but it's much better than it was.

Friday 31 May 2019
Friday -

Thursday 30 May 2019
Thursday - It is warming up, into the low 80's today. Moderate winds in the afternoon.

I power washed the house and eve's again, and hope to get some painting in on Friday or Saturday.  AH said he'd come over and help with the sprayer.

I brought some cat grass in for them - they all munched down, and somebody had a good brisk vomit in one of the other rooms.  It always affects someone that way the first day.

Book #22 was Blood, Sweat and Pixels, by Jason Schreier. Schreier goes into the difficulties that video game designers and builders experience, with some behind-the-scenes information and interviews.  Very interesting and entertaining. 

I'm not a game player, but I recognize many of the issues that the companies and individuals encounter.

Wednesday 29 May 2019
Wednesday - Warming up.

Working away on this and that around the house.  Trying to get my brain back into the app again.

Tuesday 28 May  2019
Tuesday - A pleasant day.

I went for a short walk, about a mile, the first in a week due to the winds and rain.  It felt good to stretch a bit.

Then it was laundry, bills, and household chores - quite a number of tasks that have been neglected in the last week for various problems.

One interesting thing was that when I went out to water plants the new sun shade was on the ground.  I assumed that the winds had torn out the D rings from the cloth, but not so.  Upon inspection the sail was fine, it was the tension turnbuckles that had unwound and come loose, they were actually laying on the ground nearby, screws separate from the body! A dramatic illustration of why all fastener's on boats and planes are safety wired.  In this case it was the unrelenting vibration of the sail from the continual storm force winds for the last week that caused it to vibrate loose.  Since these are just cheap units from Home Depot they don't have the appropriate holes for safety wires, but I'll think of something.

The tomatoes and cat grass seem quite happy with the inclement, but not freezing, weather that we've been having.

Apropos of bad weather: there are reports that multiple tornado's touched down around Dayton, Ohio.  Early reports are that the Air Force Museum is fine - it would be a tremendous loss if that was struck.

Monday 27 May 2019
Monday - Memorial Day.

Cool again.

Home Depot was having a sale on paint, so I bought some tan exterior paint and some primer.  I also picked up a Ryobi ONE+ 18V jig saw, to finish making those standing desks. I didn't even bother trying with the old Black&Decker jig saw, hands down the worst saw I've ever owned.

I went over to my brother M's place for dinner - steak again!! Woot!!!
Sunday 26 May 2019
Sunday - Cold and a bit wet again.  It's odd to have rain this late in the year...but not unwelcome.

Did some shopping with S in the morning, picked up some steaks and stuff.

R&S and I went over to dinner with C at her new house.  It's in Quartz Hill, and seems very nice.

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storm cell over the antelope valley
A storm cell over the Antelope Valley.

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