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WEEK 23 2018

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Saturday 9 June  2018
Saturday - Warm.

Book #21 was Black Storm, by David Poyer, 7th in the internal order. This doesn't take place at sea, but rather ashore in Iraq, during the lead up to the invasion.

There were some results from the bloodwork for Jim, but not all of them.  So far: no bad results. He does like the new food, which is supposedly scented to make it smell like tasty road kill or something - I've been giving him quite a bit and he is keeping it down.  He was a bit dehydrated, so the vet did give him some injections yesterday.

He wasn't actually showing any serious signs of distress (other than vomiting all the time), but he seems happier today.

They should have more results on Monday.

He is five, almost. Hard to believe.

Working in the garage, doing stuff that doesn't tweak my back, getting organized in there again. It was getting hard to move around, let alone build a bunch of window screen sets.  Just putting up a couple of shelves took hours.  I ran out of matching brackets, so I'll hold off on putting more up.

I moved the LED shop lights over the benches the other day, but one has already failed.  Sigh.  They came with the house, so they could be a decade old.  They are about $20 for a 3200 Lumen unit, and I should get three or four of them.

One nice thing is that I have lots of other storage, out in the RV shed and containers, so everything doesn't have to fit in the garage!

Friday 8 June 2018
Friday -  Hot, 100F and more.

I took the Explorer in for an oil change, tire rotation, and air conditioning recharge.  Scott's says the rear brakes are low, but OK until the next oil change.

The a/c is icy cold now, which will be nice for the usually hot trip through the central valley and coastal mountains.

The Explorer rolled over 270,000 yesterday, btw.

I took Jim into the Vet.  They took blood for testing, did an x-ray and ultrasound, and didn't really come to any firm conclusion.  They are sending the x-rays to a specialist, and gave me some special food and said to keep him separate from the other cats with his own litter box, to see how well he's eliminating.

I did a bit of work on the app, researching the new movie player, but it wasn't a particularly productive day.

My friends son K is graduating in late July from OCS.  He'll be assigned to the USS New Orleans, LPD-18, one of those huge San Antonio class LPD's, for his first assignment. Eventually he'll be a nuke guy, but I guess they season you on the other types first tour.

I mean, diesel's, nukes, no big difference, am I right?

Thursday 7 June 2018
Thursday - Warm, but not crazy.

I did a 6.1 miles walk in the morning, the mild temperature and a light wind making it fairly nice.

The cat, Jim, is still vomiting quite a bit.  I have to take the Explorer into town for an oil change, tire rotation and a/c recharge, I'll see if I can fit a veterinarian visit in as well.

Some more of Dave Poyer's "Dan Lenson" novels have showed up from the library (shown below in red). I screwed up and 'The Threat is actually an audio CD.  Then again I suppose I can save it for the trip to the coast in a few weeks.

In "internal order", and noting those I've read in bold, the series is:
  1. The Circle     [Ship Class: Gearing,  Disposition: torpedoed,rammed - sunk] ,
  2. The Med       [Ship Class: Wasp,       Disposition: -no damage],
  3. The Passage  [Ship Class: Kidd,       Disposition: naval gunfire, -afloat],
  4. Tomahawk    [Ship Class: Iowa,       Disposition: -no damage],
  5. The Gulf        [Ship Class: Perry,      Disposition: -mine hit, shore gunfire - sunk],
  6. China Sea      [Ship Class: Knox,      Disposition: -naval gunfire, -afloat],
  7. Black Storm,
  8. The Command,
  9. The Threat,
  10. Korea Strait,
  11. The Weapon,
  12. The Crisis,
  13. The Towers,
  14. The Cruiser      [Ship Class: Ticonderoga,      Disposition:  -afloat],
  15. Tipping Point,
  16. Onslaught,
  17. Hunter Killer,

Wednesday 6 June 2018

Wednesday - Hot, but not crazy hot, and cooling off early.

Doing a bit of this and that - helping the neighbors with a couple of things.
Tuesday 5 June 2018
Tuesday - Hot and dry.

Working away on the app.  I wonder if all my problems were a result of GIT? I doubt it.  Some, for example, were the Simulator throwing an error where there isn't one. I'd actually seen that one before, and after finding the solution on Stack Overflow remembered: the solution is to change the breakpoint trigger to Objective-C only.

My reflective screening showed up.  The FedEx guy drove right up to the house, about six from the door, where the lawn would normally be - a fence and some Xeriscaping is on the agenda, but not right away. Now I have to build frames for the screens.

Voted. Not much to say there.  Not a big Gavin Newsom fan.  Actually I'd have to think hard to come up with any California politician I like.

Monday 4 June  2018
Monday - Hot and dry again, though only in the high nineties.

Got a couple of letters, of the type you don't want to get: one from the Franchise Tax Board and another from the Los Angeles County Tax Collector. 

But it turned out OK, the State just wanted $25.12.

The tax people were sending me my new appraisal notification, which is about 125% of what I actually paid. The appraisal seems a bit high, but I'm not sure if it's worth contesting. I'll look into it.

I installed the 16GB of RAM from Crucial (Micron re branded) in the morning.  It went well, though I had to re-seat one stick when only 8GB showed up after the first attempt. No swap used!

Ram upgrade
With a typical load-out of Xcode, Simulator, Safari and Gimp all running.

Worked on the app in the afternoon and early evening.  I'm trying to clean up the GIT mess on the last version.  This seems to be proceeding, at least from the command line. I eventually was able to merge everything right down to the 'master', after six hours of work. Tomorrow I'll see if it can actually produce an executable...

What did people do, in prehistoric times before having StackOverFlow as a resource?

Here is a typical error message: "Files cannot be merged because there are unmerged files..."

Apropos of Git stuff, GitHub was acquired by Microsoft today for $7.5 Billion.  Billion with a "B".  And Apple just put all that work into integration...

No one is sure why Microsoft bought GitHub, it's been losing about $100M/year, but the best guesses are (1) steal the best of the open source stuff there and then kill it off, or (2) they just want name recognition as a big player in the cloud space, and this is one way to do it.  We'll see. Lots of freaked out Linux and Open Sources types on the forums.

Sunday 3 June 2018
Sunday - Hot and horrible. About 100F, but with nearly single digit humidity. The swamp cooler is working well.

I did go grocery shopping in the morning with S, but didn't really get all that much - the stores were very crowded, this being the first Sunday of the month. I'd planned to go to Home Depot, but by the time we were done it was pushing 11am and I had ice cream and meats in the cooler that really needed to be in the fridge. No rush I suppose.

Saw another car (pickup actually) run a red light, turning left from K-8 across six lanes of traffic on 10th street.

I almost ran a light myself later, but in my defense I was distracted by emergency vehicles coming up behind me...

My back is much better, stiff in the morning and after sitting, but I am much more flexible.

Nine years since Dad passed.  Time goes by so fast.

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Sunrise and clouds

Sunrise with clouds

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