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WEEK 24 2018

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Saturday 16 June  2018
Saturday - Nice temperatures, but very windy.

Not actually feeling all that well, slept badly.

This week in 2011 I mentioned the ESA had the Gaia mission, to measure start positions.  Well, they just released a data set where they've mapped 1.7 Billion stars. This apparently even has some extra-galactic objects in it.

Book #22 was The Command, by David Poyer. This is the 8th, in internal order, of the Lenson books.  This time he finally gets a real command, a Spruance class destroyer (essentially the parent of both the current Arleigh Burke destroyer and Ticonderoga cruisers.  Various things happen, the most serious being a nuclear attack by Islamic extremists.

So, using the Week #23 list item format we would add:

8. The Command,  [Ship Class: SpruanceDisposition: Nuclear Blast & Radiation damage, -afloat(barely) ]

Friday 15 June 2018
Friday -  Hot, but not crazy. Nice in the evening, with some high clouds.

I went down to visit the Craigslist seller, the stuff was in decent shape, and told the guy I'd take some of the posts.  AH couldn't make it, but he thinks he wants the rest.  A price of $15 for a 10' long steel post, with flange already welded on, is a good price for me, and the guy only wants $20 for the 12' units.  I might get a few of those as well.  I can cut them down easily enough.

We'll head down with a serious trailer tomorrow or Sunday (the seller says these are in excess of 50# each!).  The seller also has a bunch of heavy duty commercial chain link stuff.  I could use it, but money is tight.

He also offered me, for free, a 14' sailboat on a trailer.  He said they were given to him, and he doesn't have the papers, but maybe I'll take it.  He took the wheels off, and the bearings are shot. But, you know, one more task and chore and hobby won't hurt, right?  If AAA says the original owner still wants them then I'll just give them back...

Dave sent me a post foundation detail from the Green Book.  Like he said, probably overkill for this stuff.

Money is tight because I paid taxes - my amendment and the quarterly's, today. Sigh.

By pure luck I learned on Thursday that the 49-cent stamps that I got in December are now out of date, it is 50 cents!  So I had to go and buy a bunch of 1 cent stamps at the post office.  Not a big deal, since I had to go there and drop off the IRS and Franchise Tax Board envelopes :-((

Weirdly, I've been using them all year without a problem.

I talked to Tim for a bit, he has some building plans he wants me to look over, so I'll try to do that this weekend. 

Thursday 14 June 2018
Thursday - Hot.

I had to make a trip down to UCLA with S.  It went well, traffic was heavy but moving (until the 405 coming home) and we had a nice lunch with the excellent gnocci at Pomodoro Trattoria on Westwood Blvd.

This took up most of the day.

I did talk to Dave at length, 45m, about the upcoming work this winter.

I did see some steel posts on sale on Craigslist, and called the seller.  They might make good awning posts.  I mentioned it to AH and he wants to go and check them out as well - he wants to build a lean-to next to his shop. So we'll run down to Leona Valley tomorrow.

We finished the last episode of "Sherlock".  I guess Cumberbach and Freeman are willing to do more episodes, but none are actually planned.  

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Wednesday - Hot, almost 100F.

I washed the car in the morning, enough to get the dirt and grime off, then took it into town and ran it through a wash and wax machine.  I always like to get a coat of wax on the beast before driving to the coast and the moist salt air.

I also closed a couple of old bank accounts, that had been sitting unused for a couple of years.  The bank had started charging a fee on them, so away they went.  I was also going to deposit a check, but forgot it.

There was a quick Walmart visit, but they had no shop lights, no bookcases with glass fronts, or several other items I was looking for.  Bah.

I picked up a couple of books I had on hold at the library.

I had other things to do, but it was 3pm by then, and time to head home and away from the craziness.

Tuesday 12 June 2018
Tuesday - Warm.

Busy with various programming things.  Not a lot to say there, grinding away at understanding some new video stuff.

We now have a new 55 gallon / Day water ration that Jerry Brown signed into law, to take effect once he's out of office.  Of course the State House and Senate are equally culpable in this travesty of political correctness and insult to the taxpayers.  And again, the democrat party faithful that voted him and them into office, repeatedly, can't really be left off the hook either.

Are you wondering about that $7.8 Billion in water bond spending that we all voted for in 2014? While most of it has been used, in a glorious FU to the voters not one cent has been approved for new water storage:

california water spending pic
As of Jan-1-2018 no new storage is even planned.

Monday 11 June  2018
Monday - Working away on this and that.

Cleaned up the garage to the point where I can actually get the Explorer in there!

Sunday 10 June 2018
Sunday - Hot.

I didn't go grocery shopping in the morning, the larder is pretty well stocked.

Did a bit of work cleaning things up in the garage. I'd like to get the SUV back in there at some point.

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Sunrise and clouds

Sunrise with clouds

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