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WEEK 42 2010

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Saturday 23 October 2010
Saturday - a slow day. I twisted my back, so no chores that involved bending, lifting, walking...OK, no chores at all. The Tivo got a work out (22 saved shows - it was about time!) and I read my first book on the Kindle.

Book #67 was Isaac Newton, by James Glieck. This was a short, but fairly detailed biography of the famous Natural Philosopher. Well done, with a lengthy biography. It is short - it doesn't really go into a lot of detail about his accomplishments, but is a good introduction I think. Reading on the Kindle was like reading a book. One can look up the footnotes, then go directly back to the text. You can stop reading, and come back to the point where you left off, and can leave "highlights" and annotations of one's own.

Best of all: it doesn't take up any (non-existent, in my case) bookshelf space!

(Looking for the #, it's a bit surprising to see I haven't finished a book since October 2nd!)

In the evening I watched the first half of the NLCS playoff's, between the Giant's and Phillie's. I had a dinner engagement, so left with the score tied in the fourth or fifth. [The dinner party ran late, and it wasn't until Sunday morning that I found out that the Giant's had won the NL Pennant.]

Friday 22 October 2010
Friday - back in Lancaster. I had an important engagement!

My friend's son was having his Eagle Scout Court of Honor & I was invited to attend. It went very well. This is a big deal and a lot of people showed up. He pinned medals to his Mom and Dad, and Mom, in turned, pinned his Eagle Scout badge on him. Much to my own surprise (I was lurking about doing the photography thing) I was called up to get a Mentor badge. A complete surprise - I think I fell asleep hours later still smiling! His mother made a wonderful speech - I'll have to see if I can get a copy. The new Eagle Scout handed out a number of "thank you" awards to the many people that had helped him with his project; and in lieu of a speech did a short yo-yo demonstration - much to the delight of the crowd.

I think I mentioned early this year that he had won "Scout of the Year" already, for his ES project in sending cooling neckerchief's to the servicemen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kirks Eagle Scout Pin, 22October2010

Thursday 21 October 2010

Thursday - working - a long day, ten hours, then back to Lancaster.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Wednesday - down in Ventura, working.

Tuesday 19 October 2010
Tuesday - doing this and that, getting ready to head down to Ventura tomorrow.

Monday 18 October 2010

Monday - not much going on. Did some errands, some work, some research. Put up with the cats...

The birthday present I ordered for myself arrived: a Kindle 3G. Pretty neat. It's about the same size as the old Sony Reader, but lighter, with a lot more functionality:

Kindle & Cat.

Sunday 17 October_2010

Sunday - the day was mostly spent relaxing. I'm still pretty tired. Did some wash, some small chores.

The LPAC presentation was a Chinese drumming production. Pretty nice, actually. Some good drumming and some nice skits and scenes.

The overturned vehicle I mentioned seeing on the way down was a fatality accident. I looked it up later and one of the two deaths was a 12 year old girl who was ejected after a tire blew and the vehicle rolled. It was a great big Lincoln Navigator, and if she had been belted in she probably would have lived. Sad.

Picture of the Week

arch bridge, Martinez waterfront park

Photo Notes: Wooden Arch bridge, Martinez waterfront park.

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