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WEEK 42 2012

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Saturday 20 October 2012
Saturday - After several days of warm and calm weather I awoke to winds. So I just painted the back doors 'in place', and didn't add any thinner to the paint like I'd planned. Then I sat around, did some small chores, and waited for the paint to dry so I could close the doors.

Some friends came by mid afternoon, their car had a rattle and we had made plans to look for it. We assumed a loose heat shield, maybe an alternator bearing or water pump. It actually turned out, after a bit of searching, that the front right quarter panel was loose. That's an easy fix, my friend is going to get some new clips and screws and that should fix it up. Then we went over to their house for dinner, and a little bit of computer software upgrades, his old Win2k PC needed network and video drivers, and her Mac needed an OS upgrade to be able to install the latest version of Xcode.

Then I got home, well after 10:00pm, and crashed.

I guess they capsized one of the new America's Cup catamarans, an AC-72, on San Francisco Bay. Broke the sail, or 'wing' as they call it now. Actually, looking at the video they 'pitch-poled' rather than capsized, i.e. dug the nose in and rotated about that. You can see them floating, nose down, in the picture below, in the shadow the Golden Gate Bridge. Yikes.

A nice scenic spot for a boating adventure...

Friday 19 October 2012
Friday - I decided to give the French doors another coat of paint on the outside. First I sanded, and by the time that was done (all those little ribs between the panes take time!) it was too late to paint. It was warm and calm, but mid afternoon and the exterior paint is Rustoleum and takes forever to dry. Tomorrow is soon enough.

Then I battled with iOS some more. I just couldn't get things to work properly - the iPad canvas would not resize to the correct pixel dimensions, then the various controls and outlets didn't want to work. And Xcode kept crashing. Finally I checked the control panel and there were some updates available - about 2GB worth. After installing those everything started working properly. Sheesh, hours of frustration gone through for no reason.

In the early evening I went to a showing of Madagascar III with some friends. I guess it was a fund raiser for their school. It was fun, a fast moving and very positive sort of movie. Clearly designed for 3D, though the projected image wasn't actually. Fun.

One of the things I did earlier in the week, and forgot to mention, was converting some old State Plane coordinates to WGS-84. There were 54 sets, and unfortunately not in electronic form, so I had to type them in and check them. Then I had to convert them, and while there are various tools around it was easiest just to use an online conversion tool, one set of coordinates at a time, from the NAD27 State Plane (0405) in survey feet to WGS-84, copying and pasting to an Excel worksheet. Then I exported that to a cvs file, made a KML file with cvs2kml, and finally plotted the KML points on Google Earth. The larger objects, Air-vac's and manholes were usually visible and near the GPS point, 'near' being a couple of feet to 20+, but the smaller objects aren't visible.

Thursday 18 October 2012

Thursday - Still working on the iOS stuff. There is always such a gap between reading about doing something, then actually trying to do it on your own. Still, it's coming along.

I did a little house work, but to be honest my hands hurt from that and the programming, so I mostly just took it easy on that stuff, which was frustrating since there is a lot to be done.

A little photoshop humor:


Wednesday 17 October 2012

Wednesday  - Not much going on, did some iOS stuff. The book I'm using is out of date, which is annoying but also good, in the sense that it makes me think more about examples, why they don't work like the book says they should....

 Book #79 was The Galactic Mage, by John Daulton. Um. Well, it was inexpensive, $0.99 I think. My reading lately has been of individual chapters of various iOS books. So, odds are I won't make 100 books this year. Which is also good, because that particular achievement is a sign of way too much free time...

House stuff is more or less wrapped up. I did put a new latch on the closet door downstairs. If I get the energy and time I'll repaint a couple more doors upstairs, which are still the original Navaho White.

Tuesday 16 October 2012
Tuesday - I rehung those doors.

And no, my old cutoff jeans did not fall down around my ankles while I was holding the heaviest door (upside down) at arms length and trying (and failing) to set it on it's hinges. That would be silly.

I miss Sears Weatherbeater paint. The Behr from Home Depot dries slower and is a lot softer, and is therefore easier to mar during handling. Oh well.

Monday 15 October 2012
Monday - Working away on this and that. Still painting doors and working on iOS stuff.

Painting was just a quick coat with a foam roller on some interior doors. After I finished I realized I should have used TSP to give the door some 'tooth'. Oh well. I'm glad I haven't shredded those boxes of documents, they make great stands to lay the doors on.

I was trying to pass a touch through an iOS view, and eventually got it to work. I'm not sure if it's the approved Apple way, because the documentation is a bit opaque... And, now that I've done it, I'm actually not sure that I need it ;-) Anyway the bits are coming together.

Felix Baumgartner did his jump, from about 128,000 feet, yesterday. He actually went supersonic in free fall. Pretty amazing. I've heard people just discuss it as a simple 'stunt', and Chuck Yeager (as usual) was dismissive. I disagree, it was an amazing feat and the act of a very brave man.

Felix Baumgartner at 128,000 feet.

Sunday  14 September 2012
Sunday - Hard to believe there are only 10 weeks left in the year!

I'm trying to relax on the weekend, but it was lawn mowing day, so I did that, front and back. It kind of needs edging, but not badly, it can wait a couple of weeks.

I also continued cleaning up the garage. I managed to clean it up enough to get both cars in a few weeks ago, but it was still almost impassable in the work areas.

So I started tossing stuff. Flying Magazine and Kitplane from the 1990's, and Scientific American's of the same vintage. The space that I freed up on the shelves could then be put to use storing stuff that was sitting on the floor! Generally I made good progress, and the waste bin is full again, and the wheel barrow in the side yard is full of antique Nasa Tech Briefs and old Circuit Cellars, awaiting their turn in the bin.

I think I'll bite the bullet and take some boxes of old personal documents in for shredding. I started shredding one box while watching the 49'ers game, and was still shredding when it (the game) was done (the Giants won, the 49'ers essentially not showing up). So, three hours per box, ten boxes to go, I don't think so....

There was an LPAC performance in the evening, Chinese acrobats/martial artists. It was pretty good - a few moves I hadn't seen before, and done in the form of a little play, with a novice learning the various skills and eventually leaving the dojo. There were also a couple of fun scenes, where they invited audience members up (by show, no-one spoke English, or even spoke much at all) to try some of the stuff. The cutest was where they had a stage full of small, mostly enthusiastic kids, trying stuff.

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moon and clouds
Photo Notes: Moon and Clouds, 2012.

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