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WEEK 8 2019 

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Saturday 23  February  2019
Saturday - Still cool.

Hip is feeling pretty good, did a bunch of chores that have been backing up.  I'll even try sleeping in my bed, rather than on the couch!

Friday 22 February 2019
Friday - Cold out.

The mice in the ceiling are clever, they apparently licked the peanut butter off the traps without setting them off.  I talked to S and she says to try walnuts wedged in. So I put some of that in them and reset them. They've apparently moved from the first bay, near the wall, to another bay or two further into the room.

The cars are staring at the ceiling with great interest!

mice in the ceiling?
Budd looking at the ceiling.  All three cats have done this exact pose now...

Leg still pretty sore at the joint.

Neighbors dog getting noisy again.  I'll have to text him about it again.  Pretty tiresome.

Thursday 21 February 2019
Thursday - Cold, with snow on the ground in the morning.  It melted, but in mid afternoon we had more snow, though it melted quickly as well.  Still, fun to see!!

There was some mail from Kaiser, they've corrected the stuff on my account, which is fast work by Covered California to get it to them.

My hip is feeling a bit better, so I'll hold off on going to the doctor.

S says she'd giving up on Premier CC and going back to CS-5 or CS-6.

It turns out that the version of FreeCAD that I downloaded is actually the newest, unstable, build, 0.18.  Hmm.  It seems to work, with some small issues, so maybe it doesn't matter.  The stable version is available as a PPA, whatever that is.  Some sort of package archive I think.

I did a bit of work on Nope as well, but my hip is still way to sort to sit at a desk for long.

Wednesday 20 February 2019

Wednesday - Cold. 

I've been running the pellet stove overnight.  If I mix the Heat'rs pellets with some from the leftover Golden Fire bags from Lowe's it will stay lit.

Hip is still very sore.  Sleeping on the couch seems to help, it keeps me from turning over onto the sore side.

But the stove, and the various fans to circulate the heat around the house, all make a lot of noise.  My ears are almost ringing after eight or nine hours of it.  I can't really turn the stove down enough, so I have to have fans to circulate the air to keep the front room below 70F.  Which is fine, I don't like the rest of the house to be freezing.

After a bit of research, and some preliminary package downloads, I cloned FreeCAD from the git repository and started the compilation using the directions from CompileOnLinux.  The directions said 10 minutes on a fast machine, and half an hour on a slow machine.  I sort of expected to be "fast", but it took half an hour.  A five year old AMD A8-7600B is pretty weak stuff by today's standards, I-7's and Ryzens trounce it in modern benchmarks.

OTOH I don't expect to be compiling all that often.

Apple just sent me a notice for "two step authentication", which doesn't seem to be following what the mildly incoherent directions say should be present.  Sigh.

Tuesday  19 February 2019
Tuesday - Cold.

I've been running the pellet stove a lot, and it really doesn't like the long Heat'Rs pellets.  Some are about 1.5" long - they tend to clump and all come down the auger chute and put out the flame in the burner pot.  Annoying.  Last year I had a different brand, from Lowe's, and had no issues.

I'm waiting for the Kaiser account stuff to clear before doing anything this year.  It shouldn't be long.

I was started to see I don't have vision covered.  I wonder if it got dropped, I'm pretty sure I had it last year.

Did more installation stuff on the computer, added the 2nd monitor - no new drivers required, fixed the shutdown hang by adding "acpi=force" into the /etc/defaults/grub file, and stuff like that.  It actually hurts to sit in office chairs right now, the hip thing, so I can't just sit for hours and grind everything out.

I did get an email that my tax stuff from Covered California was finally ready.  So now I can start on my return.  Sigh.

Monday 18 February 2019
Monday - Cold. A brilliant moon peeking through clouds.

Book #1 was Deep War, by David Poyer.  The USA and China are at war, though (mostly) not nuclear.  Things are not going well, mostly due to a Chinese supercomputer that is hacking the US infrastructure. This was a library loan ebook, through Libby.  It took 8 weeks to get to me, I read it in a day...

Book #1 at week 8 is a slow start to the years reading.
Sunday 17 February 2019
Sunday - Cool.

My brother tested that it was snowing again in Carson City.  He said he's ready to be done with snow!

Hip still hurts, for whatever reason.

I did a bit of shopping in town with S.   I didn't actually get too much, but more than last week.  I bought some potatoes, I might do a bit of baking.

I Installed Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) on the system.  This took rather longer than I thought it would, what with a solid state drive and installing from a USB stick, but it went well, immediately finding the Wifi and all that.

Having learned my lesson the first thing I did was turn on the firewall - my router has one, but two is better.

Then it was updates, updates, updates...

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Suzy and Jim on kitchen table
Suzy and Jim on the kitchen table, 2019.

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