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WEEK 8 2020 

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Saturday 22 February  2020

Saturday - Another nice day, windy late.

I put in a couple more bays of the block wall, I really have the urge to change things from the original "quick and cheap" but I'm sticking with the plan (for now).

Mid-day was lunch with R&S at the Korean BBQ place.  The way things are goings with the Corona Virus Pandemic we may not want to go to an Asian place for a while.  It's been almost three months and the mechanics of the disease and it's spread and deadliness are all still unknowns. This is not the 21st century I was expecting.

Mainland China has a lot to answer for, but I guess they've spread enough money around that the WHO and CDC are letting things slide. At some point this will all hammer the stock market I suppose.

After lunch I stopped by a yard sale with some building materials for sale.  I didn't buy anything, it was all pretty beat up stuff that the seller, a mason, had hauled off for free from customers properties.  We talked about my wall for a bit and he quoted about $3,000 if he was going to build it, maybe a bit more. Nice young guy, with a family, considering moving out of the AV (where his family has been for 99 years) to Boise.

Friday 21 February  2020

Friday - A nice day.

Went into town and had my blood drawn at Kaiser. Not many people there at 6:30am, about a three minute wait I think.

They have messed with their parking lot some more, making more 1-way streets and removing some exits... I suppose the drivers there are on the whole somewhat more impaired than the usual Southern California crowd.

Book #7 was Terrors of Pangaea, by John C. Wright.  This is a homage, in a Catholic sort of way, to the pulp series of yore.  Colonel Preston Lost chases a flying saucer through a time-space portal into the distant future...

Thursday 20 February 2020

Thursday - Another beautiful day.

I did a bit more work on the front wall, laying out a line that looks like it's inside the property line.  Which in turn is well inside the notional areas for pedestrian and parkway, so I think I'm good. I have a strong urge to make it fancier, but I'm resisting for now. I have two "bays" done. I was thinking about a little gate in the middle, but it wouldn't really line up with anything. If I put it in front of the door it'd make things very non-symmetric, two bays on one side, four on the other (12' embayments).

I had to update the Task Mechanic domain.  Since the credit card has been renewed I had to delete the entire card, then re-enter all the information, just because the expiration date on the card had changed.  I actually had to call them up to figure out what was wrong.  Stupidity abounds everywhere.

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Wednesday - A beautiful day.

I took a nice walk in the morning with the neighbors, then fiddled around in the front yard, trying to lay out the rest of the little property fence.  Without a survey ($$) it's a bit of a crap shoot, but it's just a little temporary wall, so as long as it's close I think I'll be OK.

This was also the yearly checkup at the doctor's, and I did that in the afternoon.  I hit the timing just right and was in and out in about 20 minutes.  Everything seems good, I've lost a few pounds and my blood pressure is down.  I'll have to get the blood work done tomorrow.

I noticed while driving home that the old Toys'R'Us and Home Town Buffet buildings have been knocked down.  They've been closed for a couple of years at least, on prime corner property, so I guess someone is going to build something there.

Tuesday 18 February  2020

Tuesday - Decent weather. 

It's been so temperate that I haven't been using the air conditioner or heater - the house seems very very quiet.  Even quieter if I turn of the darn pump in the turtle aquarium.

Trees are beginning to blossom and it's way too early for that, since the last frost is officially April 15th. S mentioned that her farmer friend with a peach orchard is somewhat panicked.

Monday 17 February 2020

Monday - Decent weather. Not quite as windy.

I went into town with the truck and trailer, and loaded the rest of the debris in.  Actually almost all of it went into the truck, the trailer really wasn't needed.

I took it home, and with AH's help, unloaded and stacked it in the back yard.

Sunday 16 February 2020

Sunday - A nice day.

This was remove solar water heater stuff from S's roof day, and I and AH and two of his boys went over.  It went well, but there was so much up there that it took us the better part of four hours to get it all off, with six people working!

The panels were long, 10', so we used the little trailer, hanging them over the edge (there have been a couple of times recently when I wished I had a one ton truck...). There was also quite a bit of lumber, 2x4's, 4x4's, and some piping.  Some was still good, some was bad, but I took it all as part of the deal.

Driving back the winds came up, outside of town.  The load kept shifting, and I had to stop four or five times to re-secure things...

I was beat after unloading everything: there is more at S's place still, but I'll have to get it tomorrow.

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View from the roof of the house
  A view from the roof of the house, December 2019.

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