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WEEK 19 2018

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Saturday 12 May  2018
Saturday - Decent weather (windy), so did a few household things.

I woke up about midnight, with cramps in my legs and calves.  I took some ibuprofen and went back to sleep - I guess that 3.3 miles on Friday was about the right walk length.

Book #15 was The Gulf, by David Poyer. Poor Dan Lenson gets another crazy captain, and then gets sunk, again...  The internal order of the series isn't the same as the order he actually wrote these books in, so there are apparently a few books between The Circle and The Gulf, for example.  I'll have to find the internal order and get the books on interlibrary loan.

It occurs to me that I haven't been recording some of the Japanese "light novels" that I was reading online.  I'll have to make up a list of those - they are short (light), about the length of a 1960's era paperback (200pp or so) and kind of "young adult", but easy and fun and free (online amateur translations versions, anyway) to read in the evenings.  I may update the final tally for last year as well.

Friday 11 May 2018
Friday - Much cooler, and very windy.  Supposedly a maximum wind speed of 39mph sustained, and a top gust speed of 54mph.

I did a 3.3 mile walk in the morning - nice temperature but windy enough that I couldn't wear my straw hat, just the floppy fisherman's hat.  Drivers were generally considerate, slowing down to keep from "dusting" me.

Doing various chores.  My hands are still recovering from last week, so no heavy duty work.  It is frustrating, I want to work on the house and garage, but am waiting for a few more days.

Did more work in the office - there was another OSX and iTunes update.  I think the Mac Book has had 20GB of updates in the last few weeks...and that's without installing the new hard drive!

And I'm pretty sure that the Win10 laptop wants to update as well, the "Spring Creators" update.  But I hear it's been giving issues - M$ has issued an update to the update, so I'm holding off on that nonsense for now (by not connecting to the internet).

Book #14 was The Med, by David Poyer.  Another Dan Lensson story. 

Thursday 10 May 2018
Thursday - Warm, but not crazy hot for this time of year.

It was kind of do miscellaneous chores day:

Worked on some tax stuff, again, all morning.  Bah.

Went up to Bakersfield with a friend, to pick up his son from college.  There is one more week left in the semester, but we wanted to get a jump on cleaning out his dorm.

Attempting to clean my sandal didn't work - even after being soaked in cleanser it still reeks after being dried out.  Well, they are about $10 a pair, so no big loss.

Planted some grass seed for the cats.

I saw another snake, non-venomous, in the back yard.  It was laying stretched out on the new flagstones mid morning - at first I thought it was a stick, then dead, but it was just sunning itself apparently, and scurried off into the grass after a while.

It's been a while since I did a "found CD", here is one from April:


Wednesday 9 May 2018

Wednesday - Hot again. 99F at 2:30 in the afternoon.

I did a 3.1 mile walk in the morning, over to the water company to pay the bill there.  It was warm, 80F when I started and probably pushing 90F when I finished, but not too bad - a bit windy but still straw hat weather.

I don't have my hiking socks available, or liners, but the "breathing" boots and cotton socks seem OK so far.

A cat threw up in my slippers the other day, or perhaps I stepped in some "yack" at night and then put it on.  In any case it was extremely smelly.  I was going to throw the pair out, then thought: "Hey, I can wash them in a bucket, if they fall apart (as seems likely) I haven't lost anything".  So I grabbed them, a bucket, and some soap and went outside about 2:30pm.   It wasn't quite like I imagine walking into a blast furnace would be, but 99F at 25mph is kind of a shock...

The last surviving pine seedling is toes (needles?) up.  I guess the temperatures were too much for it, though I kept watering it...

Jim seems to be much happier (wrt vomiting) with a diet consisting of all canned food.  I'll still give him a little dry food, because he wants it, and because it's supposedly good for his teeth, but I sure don't miss the daily routine of him vomiting and me cleaning it up.

Tuesday 8 May 2018
Tuesday - Hot, 100F according to the thermometer on the porch.  Exactly a week ago I had the pellet stove running in mid-afternoon...

I went into town to pick up a couple of things, but the traffic was horrible.  Of course we currently have Avenue I, Lancaster Blvd, and Avenues J, K, and L streets all having construction at the same time, as well as 10th and 20th and 30th streets west.  The City Engineer or planner should be fired.

No walk, as it was too hot by the time I got back in early afternoon.

I did find some decent khaki shorts in a box in the house, which was nice.

There hadn't been any notification about some books I'd ordered over a week ago, so I checked online, and they've arrived.  The county library just didn't send me a notification.  I didn't think to check until after I'd returned home...

Worked a bit on the app, got Xcode working and provisioned again.  I do need to install that new drive, the delays are pretty annoying.

t was very warm in the west facing office in the late afternoon - I picked up some of the 53% window film and will apply it as soon as my hands stop hurting and I have the energy. Together with some external screening/shutters and maybe a pergola it should keep the room usable.

I also picked up some lumber for a bench and shelving.  The old bench that was here actually still has termites I noticed yesterday, I want it out of the garage...

Monday 7 May  2018
Monday - Hot.

I did more laundry again, towels and linens.  I need to find some comfortable warm weather shorts now.  Hopefully I packed them where I can find them.

Very tired, and my hands ache.  Didn't do much, but I did spend several hours cleaning up and arranging things in the garage.  It was so messy that I actually lost four brand new tubes of caulking the other day - these are not exactly tiny objects!

Sunday 6 May 2018
Sunday - Warm and windy.

No shopping, I was just too sore and stiff.

I did laundry again, as I was pretty much out of clean jeans.

Again, trying not to do a lot around the house. Very tired.

I did go over and visit with my brother M in Palmdale.  He had a bad end on the piping to his needle valve feed to his swamp cooler, so I brought over a little tubing cutter and some new 1/4" compression fittings left over from the 4 coolers I've worked on in the last few weeks.  He had a tubing bender, from our Dad, and the went pretty quick.  We talked a bit, and looked at the Xeriscape plants that he'd bought. We had lunch (on him) and then I came home in the afternoon and pretty much crashed.

Picture of the Week

April greenery

In April the ground was green and flowered in the yard,
 but it wasn't grass but rather stickers and burrs -
getting ready for the summer!

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