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WEEK 43 2015

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Saturday 24 October 2015
Saturday - Not much going on. Lunch with friends, various weekend chores, nothing special.

Worked on the EDR stuff a bit - mostly the client's problems seem to be related to changed/missing name ranges, but for some reason my version of Excel won't show me the formula's, which makes it a bit challenging.

Less than ten weeks left in the year...

Friday 23 October 2015
Friday - OTR. Back to Lancaster in the mid afternoon, as the contractor was prepping the worksites for the weekend and there was nothing for me to do there.

The house looked good, the cats in reasonable mental condition, Glens been taking care of the place and them very well.

I was beat. By 8:30pm I was punch drunk with tiredness and went to bed.

A bit after 2am I awoke. At first i assumed it was just my late fifties bladder, but finally realized there was an odd noise. It sounded like water, and I guessed that there was probably a bad/lost sprinkler head, so I went downstairs and turned them off. I'll check it out tomorrow...

Thursday 22 October 2015

Thursday - OTR.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Wednesday - OTR.

Tuesday 20 October 2015
Tuesday - OTR.

Monday 19 October 2015
Monday - OTR.

Acually, since I was tired, I headed down to Ventura in the morning, leaving at 5:00am. Huge mistake. The traffic was horrendous. It took me three solid hours to go a hundred miles, an average of 33mph. The first slowdown was on the grade just south of Palmdale, and they continued almost unabated the rest of the way. Sheesh.

It has become noticeably worse than when I was doing inspection work circa 2008-2010.

Sunday 18 October 2015
Sunday - Slept in a bit.

Then it was off to the grocery stores to stock up for Lancaster and Ventura.

I did an eight mile hike, my feet were OK, so that's good news. That stabbing pain in the left foot is now just an ache at the end of the walk.

The ground was slick from the rains last week, but interestingly enough there was little penetration into the ground: when a vehicle has passed you can see that the mud is about 3/8" deep, and the sand/silt/clay underneath is completely dry. I'd been told that home builders in the Antelope Acres area had trouble putting in septic because of poor percolation test results, now I can see why... One thinks of the AV soil as being sand, but apparently there are a lot of fines in it as well.

I need to get all my gear together for Grand Canyon Hike II,  the beginning of November is coming up quick!

I'll have to head down to Ventura tonight.

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Looking west from the AV, with sunflowers pointing towards the sun in the east.

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