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WEEK 42 2015

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Saturday 17 October 2015
Saturday - Back in Lancaster. The house looks good, the cats seem OK.

It's been kind of brutal down in Ventura. It's been very hot - in the 90's, and very humid. And it's turned, through no one's fault, into a full time job.

I've been on the job site, and on my feet, all day and every day. And I'm thankful that I spent the summer prepping for the Grand Canyon hike, because it has physically been demanding. And of course mentally demanding, because this is a bit different from other inspection work, and theres a lot of it - about fifty separate job sites so far, and it's really kept me hopping.

I think I'm keeping up, but it's a rare night that I DON'T wake up worrying about something.

It was Roger's birthday earlier in the week, so we took him out to lunch at Juliani's. This is the same restaurant as a few years ago, but they've moved from a strip mall down near Palmdale to the outlet mall in Lancaster. It's very nice inside, actually, and the food was excellent and the portions large. I paid, since I'm gainfully employed for the first time in a while...

Friday 16 October 2015
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Tuesday 13 October 2015
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Monday 12 October 2015
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Sunday 11 October 2015
Sunday - Slept in a bit: after leaving the swamp cooler on all night it was nice and cool.

Then it was off to the grocery stores to stock up for Lancaster and Ventura.

I needed to a bit of work on the inspection job, but am still pretty tired. But not as bad as last week.

Another unfortunate side effect of being on my feet all day is that things have happened to my feet. There is a sharp shooting pain in the left foot, when walking barefoot. Which I tend to do around the house. It isn't really noticeable in boots, but I haven't tried a seven mile hike in a couple of weeks. I'm a bit afraid of what I find out.

I need to find out, because the Grand Canyon Hike II with Dave is coming up at the beginning of November.

I'll have to head down to Ventura tonight.

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Looking west from the AV, with sunflowers pointing towards the sun in the east.

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